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  • I need a drivers door speaker cover while my car was in for service it seems it got dented and I wasnt told Does anyone know where I can aquire one without the whole door panel being replaced ?
    U will love it its amazing marrkesh
    And gt was realy different than anything there haha

    Enjoy it andrew god bless
    I have a white/blue car. What have you sold to those owners that is unique or sharp with the color of the car?

    Mike Anderson
    I have a white/blue car. Any ideas to dress it up with mats that aren't too much? Broad question but looking for something different that doesn't scream at you.

    Mike Anderson
    Hi Andrew, Just came back from the bush. Wow the price for a case of beer! Is there a nice light beer I haven't found yet? We got onto Coors Light, but just too strong. I used to drink IPA a long time ago. Can't believe that.
    Jim Gibson
    While looking at the pics of your shifters, I notice a different stereo headunit in the car....JVC...how have you liked this change? specifics?
    Thanks in advance,
    I will take the red ones.
    Please email me at f1@eim.ae since I am not very familiar with using PM's on this site.
    Also, please arrange to pay shipping from your end to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I will pay you the full amount including the shipping you get quoted. Something like UPS or FedEx regular will suffice.
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