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    Dutch comparo between the GT & GT40

    in the factory Ford museum in the UK
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    History of the GTX1

    Is there somebody who will sell me this issue?
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    tire pressure

    What is the Tire pressure for michelin Pilotsport for 19/20 inch wheels?
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    rear tow hook

    Is there somebody out there ,whom installed a rear tow hook for track use?? please send some pictures, my car has the bumper delete kit
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    new goodies from ford gt parts

    they must be on hollyday ,I bought and disign these things with Donald .SUPER guys to deal with!!!!!! quality and engravement of fluid caps and oil dipstick are 200%
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    new goodies from ford gt parts

    take a look at or email Donald Wagner:
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    new goodies from ford gt parts

    fluid caps and harnass with GTX-1 logo
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    Ford GT Track Brake Kit

    FYI I live in THE NETHERLANDS (EUROPA) temperature are not that great .when are the blues more effective??
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    wich tire on a wet track day ?

    there are no 19 inch in radial wet
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    wich tire on a wet track day ?

    I ordered a set of hoosier R6 today,but what tires do I use on a rainy day on the track?? the OEM GY??? thanks in advance Willem
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    Ford GT Track Brake Kit

    Also, Wally, aka Cobrar1339 = Has Titanium brake pad shims specifically for the GT's Brembo brakes. can I use these shims on the track brake kit with the pagidyellow??
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    Ford GT Track Brake Kit

    The idee is that I use your TRACK BRAKE KIT on the road with OEM brakepads on 4 corners ;so they are not that noisy and squeeking ,and on the track I switch all corners to yellow pagid???
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    Ford GT Track Brake Kit

    Please correct me when I am wrong; 1) When I only change the OEM front rotors with the 2 piece slotted Brembo rotors 2) And I change the brake fluid with high quality dot4 brakefluid. I can use the OEM brakepads for normal road use. ? But when I want to go on a circuit, I only have to the...
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    WTB polycarbonate splash guards

    I also want a set