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    Looking inside an engine during cold start (-30 degrees)

    If you were responding to my statement about the 5-50 synthetic, I think you missed my point. It appears he tested a much thicker "mineral oil" solution than most USA cars run these days, so the test isn't really valid to USA cars. The mineral oil may solidify at a much higher temperature than...

    Fuse Box Diagram

    Can you reverse the positive/negative terminal positions on your battery so the terminals are away from the front radiator frame work? I installed a lead acid battery with the terminals reversed so the battery terminals would not be under the frame work like the original battery and accidently...

    Looking inside an engine during cold start (-30 degrees)

    Yes, interesting, but I wonder instead of using his mineral oil at his -30C (-22F), how the new synthetic 5-50 oils would have done or even 5 weight oil. I used 5 weight dinosaur oil in Colorado with my Toyota 22R engine sitting outside all night at -40F and it started and ran well.

    fast forward to 2:20

    Nice video, but it's a shame he keeps throwing the F word around.


    Clint, I replaced my Cobra BFGs with 15" Mickey Thompson ET Streets. They are a much superior tire to the previous 2 sets of BFGs I used. My BFGs would never hold a balance so I was constantly taking them to the tire store for rebalancing. Absolutely no problem with the Mickeys in the last 3...

    What to do with stock tires

    I sold my originals with 10K miles and 10 years on them at a car show to a hotrodder. He was super excited to get them even though I told him they weren't the safest to use anymore and he may not find a tire shop that will mount them.

    Check engine light help

    After many refuels, I've never looked down inside and noticed the flapper. LOL

    Check engine light help

    Poke flapper??? My 2006 doesn't have a flapper and can't be poked without damaging it. My fuel seal moves to the side and does not flap. So, I always carefully move it sideways when refueling and never poke it.

    Introducing M019, 2021 Carbon Series NFGT

    Congratulations Clint. It's a beauty. Besides getting it wrapped, don't forget to order your NFGT tire chains for winter driving in South Dakota and the snow plow front splitter. on Instagram: Ford GT. ⛔ By @mio 💎 #millionairelifestyle - #winter #drifting #lifestyle...
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    Should or Must do's for tracking GT.... + prep

    Make sure your airconditioning is turned "ON" during cool down. It helps cool the engine by running the fans longer. You can run the AC while on the track with no noticeable change in performance especially if only running 8/10ths.
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    air conditioning compresser

    gabriel, listen to nota4re who is a FGT mechanic, he knows what he is talking about. Anyway what harm would it be to get a second opinion as he suggested?
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    Whats Latest Battery Advice?

    I used Deka AGM part number 9A35/85 over 6 years ago and is still going strong. You don't have to buy an Optima or other high priced battery. The Deka battery is easier and safer to install than the Optima because the Deka battery posts are not located under the car framework which has the...
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    Mark II

    That's an awesome vehicle. Congratulations.
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    3.90 ring and pinion (available again)

    Centerpunch, why are you so defensive? There are always 2 sides to every story and everyone has a right to know the pros and cons of every purchase. This modification is not for everyone as the discussion above demonstrated, but it is a good option for those interested and are knowledgeable...
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    Air filter change

    Yes, good that you're checking the maintenance items. These are the type of things that happen with these very low mileage cars. Just because they are low mileage doesn't mean they won't have their own set of peculiar problems like dried/cracked belts, dried seals, hard/expired tires, mice, etc.