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  • Torie,
    Rich Roback here. (GT Tech) Lost you number. I need a price on a GT flywheel. I've got a clutch job coming up out here.
    You can reach me @ 586-292-2788
    Good Morning Torie....Rick Hanson here...05 black S/delete...#1049...I'm looking to replace the rubber covering on the two buttons that open my drivers door from the outside (they are cracked). Hopefully the entire switch/activator does not need replacing. Do you have access to this part? If so, I will be at Rally 8 and assuming you are attending also , I could pick it up from you there. Thanks, look forward to hearing from you. Email
    when you come to houston it would be nice to get some fluid changes and mabey a short shifter... -Joe
    hi torrie
    im after a new gear knob Ford Part number 4G7Z-7213-AA and a couple of the ford touch ups.
    can you tell me please if you deliver to me in england ?
    cheers steve
    Torrie, Ineed a price on drivers side window. The largeer one that goes up and down. Stone chip from a weed eater that hit me.
    Thanks, Jim Gibson
    Hey Torrie, How did you ship my pulley. Still don't have at 3:46 Thursday. Wonder if the snowstorm screwed shipping.
    Hi Torrie,
    I've got a bent rear deck lid hook (the right side hook that helps keep the engine cover latched) that I'd like to replace. Do you have a way to get one of those? If so, I'd like to order one.
    Richard Kingsland (email:, phone: 760-944-1721)
    Hi Torrie,
    Tried emailing you but must not be getting through. I lost my third gauge on my '05 Gt. This time it is the voltmeter. Can you get one for me and how much damage?

    Hi Torrie,

    Would you happen to have any front rims available? Looking to relace my front right that got a little rashed!

    I'm looking to purchase a shop and wiring manual for my 2005 FGT. Can you help?
    Hi Torrie,
    Do you carry the valve stem caps for the optional BBS wheels? I'm missing one and would like to order a couple of them if possible.
    Richard Kingsland ("Hammer")
    Hi Torrie,
    I am Miami, FL and am having problems with my oil pressure gauge. Tried a sender but that didn't work and assume it is the gauge? Maybe the gauge control device?
    Any good GT service guys you would recommend in So. FL? World Ford has two certified techs. but am apprehensive about taking it to them??
    Thanks for you input!
    I'ld like to know what you have for my 2005 GT, I am stationed in Dubai, and would like to get more power and sound from it, while keeping it decent. And I would also like to get a full set of forgeline wheels for it.
    Please let me know.
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