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  • I have not been able to contact Rich Brooks to purchase another pair of his 2017-2020 rock screens. Can't find the contact information. Thanks for any assistance. GT 713-859-1200
    Sent an email last week and haven't gotten a response either for 2020 rock screens
    can you call me at 248 943 1911 regarding several items for my 2006 GT and a question from a friend.
    Andy Benedict
    Rich,Dennis hope alls well.
    Got to head down to Woodhaven Transmission to get a new AXOD FOR THE SABLE.
    Thought I'd stop by your place.
    but I have no Phone number or address.
    hit me @ or At my new gig with John Coletti & some of the old GT crew at
    my cell is 313-319-3266 thx's
    Hi Guys,

    I tried sending this via your online form, but got an error message indicating a server problem.

    Tried to PM you, but don't have permission on this Forum.



    Hi guys,

    I'm currently in the market for a FGT and have been a long time lurker on the FGT forum.

    I ran across some pics of Chris' red/heritage schemed car and just love it.

    It appears that you did the paint for that car.

    If I brought you a stock red/white FGT, can you give me a sense (ballpark is fine at this point) for the cost to customize it in a similar scheme (heritage red/white, meatballs, black powder coated wheels, bumper delete/exhaust)?

    I'd want other mods done also, but can discuss later.

    Please email me back or call me during business hours: 612-801-8651

    Thanks in advance.

    Chris Penn
    aka HIRISC on the Forums
    Heys guys, im interested in your GTB doors. Could you pm me with a price for the install, and how long it take to do the job, and when could you do this project, and I will base my decision upon that thanks Kevin
    Hi Rich

    I just posted a post looking for help for a pre-purchase inspection in Jericho (Long Island) NY, and DBK said you left for NY last night (timing is everything!!) I'm wonder would you be able to perform a pre-purchase inspection for me before you leave NY? If so, would you please give me a shout at: My cel phone is 415-218-0049 or my home# 510-339-0327 or PM me? btw, my name is Edward Sham (in San Francisco)
    It is just my luck to potentially have you, such an expert within the GT community, to do the PPI for me. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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