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    Aero Screens for 2017 GT Send me an email and I can get a set out to you.
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    More air tunnel mesh covers?

    If you have not received an email or PM from me today, they are not going out in this shipment. Still have a few left. Send me an email if you need a set.
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    More air tunnel mesh covers?

    Yes I have 30 sets ready to go just waiting on the foam separator pieces which I was promised would be in this week. I have a list of emails, texts, and calls that I will be answering shortly on when they will ship out.
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    Ford GT Owner Hospitality at Petit Le Mans - The Finale

    The follow up to my post in the General Discussion if anyone is bringing their 2005-6 GT to Petit LeMans and would like to get the airbag recall done there, send me an email and I will see if we can get parts in time for me to do them at the event. Either at the hotel or at...
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    Airbag recall by GTG

    Ok Forum friends. I have been asked by the “powers at be” to help with the getting as many air bag recalls done on the 2005-6 GT that I can. I have been doing them locally, and in my shop, for a few weeks. While I still have a lot of work at my shop I am looking to help out more, so I am looking...
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    Cars & Coffee, Powered by LaFontaine Sept 14 Public · Hosted by M1 Concourse

    Lets hope the weather is good and the latest message from M1 about Saturday: We would recommend that all Ford GT's arrive at 7:45am sharp at the main private entrance located here: 1 Concourse Dr, Pontiac, MI 48341. This will allow us ease entry for you and parking for us.
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    Clamshell Secondary Latch Release Bar

    So sorry, I have been having phone issues lately. Please send me an email and I can send out a set on Monday.
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    Cars & Coffee, Powered by LaFontaine Sept 14 Public · Hosted by M1 Concourse

    Looking to get as many GT's at this event as possible. I have spoken to M1 and they said that they will have a dedicated parking area for our GT's. I have sent out many texts to local owners and thought I would post here in case I missed anybody and to include anyone else that might want to...
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    Woodward Dream Cruise..

    Trying to make it out there tonight and possibly tomorrow for a lap or 2.
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    Camilo and his "Sonic Orange"

    Camilo just sent me these from his trip out West.
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    Did you know this about your GT?

    There is a cable inside the door that connects the lock cylinder to the latch, mechanically. This way you can get in the car if the battery is dead. If it is hard to open push inboard on the door to take some pressure off of the latch. Some cars are harder than others and I have seen (and...
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    Camilo Additions

    You mean "Signature Series" Only built by GTG.
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    Looking for Thermostat Housing

    Cool. I'll send it out today with the gauges. Thanks
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Fairly straight forward if you have the guts. It is just layered and very sequence oriented like the other car. I will say the front inner fenders are a 100x easier on the new car than the old car though. Headliner and some of the interior has to come out in order to get the buttress' off...
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Anytime Carl. From when we had Camilo's apart for repaint.