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  • Hello Im looking to buy a Skip Ewing center console and hear you have them in stock, how can i get one. Thanks.
    Hello Shadowman... I'm buying the bare top vent from Petunia and would like to have them shipped to you for painting Orange Heritage send, details (i.e. payment, address, etc.)
    Shadowman... I am buying the bare top vent from Petunia and would like to have them direct shipped to you for painting (White). Help me with the details (i.e. payment, address, etc.)
    Regards... Ed (Fast Eddie)
    I just purchased a Uview Airlift. I have a question regarding your comment of leaving the system under vaccuum for 20+ minutes. The instructions say to close the ball valve once the system has reached 24-26 on the gauge. Do you then wait the 20+ minutes before filling or do you wait 20+ minutes once the system has reached 24-26 before closing the the ball valve?
    Hey this is "Rockstar", Rich Barnes at The Mustang Ranch. Could you call me about those exhaust manifolds you may have? Best regards 303-931-5412.
    Shadowman... not sure my PM went through for the Black Powercoated Side Vents. Please e-mail me at

    Thanks again... Ed (Fast Eddie)
    Shadowman... I need a set of the Black Powercoated Side Vents. I can pay by CC or PayPal. Thanks... you made my day you still had a set of these!

    Regards... Ed (FastEddie)
    Shadowman... please verify if I already paid for my side vents. I could have sworn I paid for these via Pay Pal. Thanks... Ed (FastEddie)
    Can you give me contact info for Kevin at Hollywood Speedometer. I want to get my bad one repaired Thanks
    Hi, are you selling vents for the clamshell on the GT? If so can you please send me a photo of what they look like? I am thinking about replacing all vents, but want a close to stock look. If you can reply to my email, it would help me out.
    Alan Meeks
    Hey shadowman, I just want to introduce myself as I am very new to the forum. At this time I own a '06 ZO6 & love it but my ultimate goal is to have a Ford GT along side my ZO6 very shortly. Can you please PM me the price of your complete exhaust kit as I have always loved the sound of flowmaster's. When I get my GT this will be my first mod!!! Thank you very much for all your hardwork & mods. A.J.
    hello shadowman,

    looks that you now a lot of the gt.i have bought my gt with light damage in the front the parts where of the car when i bought it fenders, radiator,intercooler, you have maybe some pictures of the gt when it was also in parts but whit only the fenders of and the bumpers of will help me to fitt it back to in togheter.sorry for the bad english!!

    kristof bex
    Shadowman, any cool new parts waiting in the wings for Rally 4 , been out of touch for a while,just heard about bony, my condolences to all on forum and those out in Cal. that were close to him..
    Shadowman, im interested in up swept door system for my FGT. You are the man when it comes to these cars, could you point me in the right path on who to contact please thanks Kevin
    Hi Bill,

    I talked to you about installing a Whipple in a Ford GT powered Pantera. I have another question for you concerning the supercharger. I have heard that Stillen is working with Ford to come out with an even more efficient supercharger than the Whipple II. Do you know anything about this? Is it worth looking into? Do you know when this may become available, and if you would be interested in working with it?


    We traded messages a few months back about me dropping my gal at your shop for a light bit of work. I've got a transmission cooler and fire suppression system that needs installation. Also would like to have a tune - for the stock setup - just to make sure she's putting out the power that she should.
    I'm also considering a pulley and modest tune, based on your advice, costs, and concerns about the warranty.
    Any idea what scale of spending we're talking about here?
    How best to schedule the visit?
    And last time we spoke, you mentioned having it transported, which seems a bigger hassle than just driving it out there. Any reason I can't just drop her off?
    Thanks in advance,
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