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  • Hi Lee

    I just saw this message of Decemeber; I hope that you are doing well and that a new home was found for the kit. If not please let me know.

    Takes care

    Bill aka Shadowman
    It's been a few years since we've spoken. I recently sold my '06 GT (1476) to put together a deal on a Porsche 962. I was the original owner in '06 and I was part of the first group of folks that received one of your sub-woofer relocation enclosures. After I had gathered up everything to do the relocation, I decided to leave it stock and embrace the strange character that the "monstrosity in the middle" brought to the car. Since I've now sold the GT, i was going to try to find an owner who might have an interest in the complete relocation component package. I have everything needed new and in the box including your enclosure, a factory non-mac firewall panel, wire-connectors, color bond to refinish the wires. I also have a carbon panel for the firewall panel.
    I would love to see someone on the forum get these components. Do you know of anyone who may have an interest?

    Lee Giannone
    267-251-6694 mobile
    I met you at the 2010 rally at VIR. I have an '06 with 65,000 miles on it. I was having trouble getting into 2nd gear both under acceleration at red line in 1st and under braking downshifting from 3rd to 2nd. The transaxle is out of the car and it's obvious I need a new clutch. I sent the unit to RPM Transmissions in Indiana who inspected it and say I need a new 2nd gear among other parts that are available. Do you know of a source for the gear? Do I have any options other than replacing the entire transaxle? Any information would be appreciated. Please contact me at Dick Krentz
    Hi Tiny

    I appreciate the interest however sadly there are none available at this time.

    All the best

    Hi, Andrew at Exoticare said to say he sent me....he said you might have some great Alum CNC fluid caps? I ordered some from project321 but major delay and not sure I like the styling (too much bling)...let me know!

    Need some help with my ford gt in regards to tuning. My number is 416-729-7588 or email, i would appreciate your assistance thank you.
    Hi Barrry; it is nice too hear from you

    Barry I order them through Ford so they come with the OEM Ford GT label; I can always have one drop shipped to you. FYI The new are red versus black.

    All the best

    Bill aka Shadowman

    I read on the battery debate started by Kendall that you order you optima batteries direct and have them drop shipped to you. Though Kendall is a friend and does the service on my gt I don't share his experience with lead acid gel batteries. My gt is 4 years old and shows no signs of battery failure. My gt has 15000 miles on it now and has been driven at least 4 days a week that whole time. Of all my vehecils the optima batteries in my boat have done better than any other. Having fought the battle of leaking batteries and trying to clean up the carrosien I don't want to go there. Could you please share the part # of the optima battery and the site or contact # to order it directly.

    Thanks Barry Weber FLY GT40
    Thank you for your sharing your results; I am very happy for you and it would appear that your tuner did a great job. When I tune the gals with a small pulley I remain conservative and the results are in the 625-635 RWHP range; this on 91 octane fuel.

    My only advise for you is make sure she is pointed in the right direction before you plant the go pedal to the floor.

    I am truly very happy and excited for you

    Keep me in the loop

    my email is;

    Bill aka Shadowman
    Hi Shadowman!

    Hope I'm not bothering. But I will take you up on your offer to approach you anytime if I have any inquiry.

    Anyway I bought a 05 (vin 254 with 850 miles and all stock) which I shipped home to the Philippines. At about 1200 mile I decide to do a pulley upgrade from Heffner. They told me I should expect 580 whp in 91 octane gas. When the local tuner installed my pulley and reflashed my ecu using a Heffner program, my car dyno'd 671 whp!!! My local tuner who has done work on several FGTs in the country said besides the pulley upgrade and ecu tuning from Heffner he made special adjustments which helped contribute to the results. However he doesn't want to divulge what his secret it. I checked the air fuel mixture and it's in the very safe zone. The car has been running well ever since. I just want to get your thoughts and advise if there is anything I should look out for?

    Hello Shadowman,

    I hope this message is not a bother. I am searching for a Ford GT and have heard I should stay away from early models (VIN under 500). Is this true and if so why? Also, I am looking at GTs with around 5,000 miles, in your opinion is there a mileage bracket I should stay within? less than 4,000, less than 10,000, etc?

    Thank MJ
    Hi Bill,
    I wanted to thank you for your help regarding the GT in LV.
    Kendall is going to inspect the car today or tomorrow.
    It seemed to make sense as he is so close.
    Thanks again.
    Danny B
    Hi Bill, I installed the Short Throw Shifter and have two questions..The four nuts that bolt down the shift plate...instructions say to torque to 28 ft lb, when turning my torque wrench it felt like I was going to snap off the nut so I stopped before I heard the "click". Second question do I need to grease the Assembly? If so do I have to pull the Large C clips to get grease all around the ball?

    John here with the bad tach, any ideas on where to get one? Can I install it myself? (seems likely pretty straight forward) my email address is or call me with ideas (if you have any) again I appreciate your assistance sir.
    Hi Shadowman,
    for my FGT with FR Pulley and tune, Acufab TB, Stillen X-Pipe
    I will go for NGK iridium plugs.
    Since this are not available in Europe in FGT specification I ask
    You if You can deliver a set of 8 ?
    Hanns Arnold
    shadowman please help now ive searched the forum and found one guy tht had the same problem as mine which is starting the engine and finding the oil pressure gauge at zero
    and tacho is not workin as well as the supercharger boost gauge is at zero , but leave it to run for a few min and shut it off start it on again and they work again now is tht from the battery being low??
    plz advise thanx ;)
    Bill. I'm stuck at Placerville Airport for several hours. Can my friend and I buy you lunch? Call my cell, 805 455-0456

    Richard Hille (TallCarGuy)
    I'm working with with a Ford Racing customer on GT's.
    And would like to know more about the GTB door configuration.
    What is the price of the kit?
    Could I get some picture of the kit peices?
    also do you know of any used rear louvers for sale.

    I sent you a PM last week I hope you got it regarding the painting of the items that John (petunia) is sending you on my behalf. Please let me know how to pay you, and also if Pay Pal would be better and quicker... hope you have the time, as I am in no rush to get them immediately. Thank you for your efforts....


    I am in the process of purchasing the clam shell vents and side vents from John (petunia), he would usually just ship to you after payment from me. Can I have them shipped and I dont have a preference of time, as my vents are not warping, but I'm sure they will. Can you give me the cost's associated with the( painting), also does anything need to be done to the side vents? Please include a pay-pal if you have and I will make the payment there. Payment will be coming from Picture Cars East,Inc. Thank you for your time......Gino redgt1442...BTW the car is red/white stripe.
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