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    3.90 ring and pinion (available again)

    3.90’s aren’t ideal for the mile. I shift into sixth at 185 approximately 3 seconds or around 800 feet from the one mile line, at one mile I’m usually 195mph. It takes a mile and a quarter to get over 200 usually depending on weather. I have done a 218 mph run with the 3.90 whipple gen two car...
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    Ford GT Forum 200 mph Club & Standing Mile Results

    Don’t see why not, Flagstaff GT did it at Mohave. The site at Victorville is better than Mohave and I think we’ll have better speeds with decent weather.
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    Anyone else out there into boats?

    What class were you running? I ran SD, SE and mod 50 in OPC back in the 70’s and early 80’s.
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    Anyone else out there into boats?

    Not familiar with Rockholt. Ours were basically Craig Crafts that we built. Motor was an A stock Mercury mark15 built back in the ‘50’s. Of course they were completely rebuilt with a hodgepodge of parts from every production year. Heck guys even used a crank from a chainsaw motor that mercury built.
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    Anyone else out there into boats?

    Back in the day, me an my dad.
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    300 MPH in car video

    Fantastic, what a ride!
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    Congratulations, an amazing feat!
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    The Last of my 05/06 Ford GT Inventory

    Stan I would like a set of twin turbo caps. I’ll give you a call.
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    Nico Rosberg retires from F1

    Verstappan and most of the big names fall under the CRB, unless Merc wants to spend huge $ to pay for both the driver and team he leaves none of the big names (Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Renault) are going anywhere. Bottas is the one I suspect will be tapped, Wolff client, not expensive...
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    Another great mojave airport event

    Thanks, it made the day! The video is of my daughter in the Whipple, 3.90 car.
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    Another great mojave airport event

    My daughter was driving and with the stock transaxle you would be right.
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    Another great mojave airport event

    As always a great event, my wife (204.9mph) and daughter (203.1mph) both set personal bests!
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    Brake Upgrade Options

    Brembo slotted rotor pn# 102.8005A at least that's on the box in my shop.