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    15th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner - Thursday Jan. 16

    Chip My son, Dr. Steven Ressler and I would like to join the affair on Thursday evening if there is still room. Neil Ressler
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    GT Rally to the Edison & Ford Winter Estates, April 25

    I would like to join the group on April 25. I will be alone.
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    Poking a hornet's nest

    Perhaps this is a good time to recall some facts in the initial phases of the FGT program. When Bill Ford asked me in January, 2002, to look into what it would take to put the GT-40 Show Car into limited production he had only two conditions. The first was that we had to have a car for the Ford...
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    Ford executives custom GTs?

    At the time the Sonic Blue car was attracting all of the attention I slipped my Midnight Blue 05 GT through with a factory applied silver stripe and lower bodyside graphics instead of the specified white. I have always thought that this was an attractive color combination which, unfortunately...
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    Ford GT Outlook

    Origin of the FGT A lot of unexpected factors, many of which we could not have been anticipated, came into alignment in January, 2002 and which led to the FGT program. That the Centennial would occur in June, 2003 (and had a big budget) may have been the most significant of those factors but...
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    Good Ford Friend Sells his Ferrari

    "Can" should have been "car". I guess I forgot how to proof read.
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    Good Ford Friend Sells his Ferrari

    I recall Chuck telling me 40 years ago when we worked together at Ford that his Ferrari would be his "retirement". Boy was he right! When he bought the car it had a small block Chevy engine. Somehow he found the original engine and got the car back to original condition. Can't think of a more...
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    Transmission 1-2 Shift Grind

    The problem is that we didn't have enough time inside of a very compressed program to develop a temperature compensated synchronizer for the 1-2 shift, so there is a slight gear clash on the 1-2 shift when everything is still cold. After a few minutes of warm-up the temperature rises to the...
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    Day One

    Mark, I agree with the guy who said that we all should have been given a GT, but, alas, that didn't happen. Nice to see that you have one. You played a big role in how the car came out. Neil
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    Vintage Ford GT40 Photos

    This was a trip worth taking. I even saw some faces I recognized. Thanks for sending it along. Neil Ressler
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    Question regarding the GT in Ford GT, also my first post.

    The GT in Ford GT My recollection of this is that we started out with the intention to call the new car GT-40. As has been widely reported, we had some trouble with licensing use of the name GT-40, although these is some disagreement as to exactly what would have been required to acquire such a...