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    My Wife and Shelby Smith of Elite Autos.....

    Ray That is now the second time you have received that exact car for your birthday. Congratulations.:banana
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    Ford GTX1 Prototype for sale

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    Ray Hofman sets new World Record.

    Great job Ray, Jason and everyone.
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    funny pic

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    By popular request

    Scam I just got scammed out of $25!:frown I bought a Tiger Woods DVD entitled "My favorite 18 Holes":willy It turns out it's all about Golf. What a waist of money!:confused Pass this on so others don't get scammed.:ack
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    Happy Birthday cmoody32 !!!

    Thank you all.
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    Hitler and LSU-OLE MISS

    :rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:lol:lol:lol:rofl:rofl:rofl Just sent this to my brother-in-law who had played for LSU.
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    Incredible driving!

    The car that outperformed that night was the one with about 1/5 the HP and 1/6 the tq and was carrying about 2 times the weight.
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    GTX1 Custom Floor Mats Done

    My old girl gets some new carpet. Looks great :)
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    Happy B-Day Shelby#18 !!

    Happy birthday Rick!
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    good laugh
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    after his first ride in a ford gt !!!

    Sam, You are on a roll tonight!
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    Shelby Smith & Wife....Good luck today

    I just wanted to wish Shelby Smith and his wife good luck today. The two of them are going to the Dr. and 3 Smiths may be leaving.:wink