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    The Voodoo Falcon

    Wow, I'm not sure how I missed this post. Thats the coolest thing ever.
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    Robertson Racing 2008 GTR For Sale

    I was texting with H Smith last week and he mentioned "Dave's car" was coming up for auction on BaT. He said the test mule is also still available for $275k. It was a street car they converted into a race car while the Doran cars were being built. What a great opportunity to own something...
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    The End

    white, grey, blue, black
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    Wheel creaking issue

    If I'm not mistaken, Kevin has the aluminum wheels and titanium nuts. But I get the general point of the post. Why isnt this public knowledge? Is this everyone with titanium nuts? Or just those with titanium nuts and aluminum wheels?
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    Wheel creaking issue

    With a publication date of Sept 2022 :cool::geek:
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    Wheel creaking issue

    I'm glad to hear you are getting your car back Kevin. That sucks there hasnt been a satisfactory resolution. I dont think I've seen galling that bad on a lug nut, even on track cars. And I'm also a bit surprised the contact patch is that small. On the bright side, I'm sure you are going to...
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    Monterey Auto Week - The Quail

    Not to get too far off topic, I really like Nicholas Watts' art. He has ones of the 1966, 1967, and 2016 LeMans wins with GT40s and GTs. From what I remember Alex Reade Motorsports had the best prices. I've bought 3 or 4 prints from them.
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    Failed inspection

    +1, get a code scanner that tells you the readiness status. I like the bluetooth ones that plug into the ODB port.
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    Stupid question on dash plaque

    Same with Shelby dash plaques, FYI
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    Congratulations Steve Coates

    Congrats on the big milestone Steve. He was nothing but amazing on my delivery.
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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Excited to see everyone and look forward to seeing the factory since I missed it due to Covid. Thanks for all the hard work on this Dave!
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    Recommend Service in Georgia

    Welcome to the Forum. I'm in Alpharetta too if you ever want to sync up. I havent needed any repairs and do my own service, so I dont have a good answer either. I know the Ferrari dealer used to work on a Tungsten GT that I almost purchased, so they have some experience. I wouldnt trust...
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    ‘05-‘06 Replica that I never knew existed

    Based on the Robertson Racing GTs. A couple guys on the Forum have built a few.
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    New Velgen wheels

    Great idea. Purchased.
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    Wrapping matte car

    Yes, that was done by Atlanta Custom Wraps. Not my tempo either. Apparently the guy gets all his cars camo wrapped. I just dont get it.