Ford GT: The Return

Just in time to amp you up for the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring, Ford has released the first in a 5 part video series titled “Ford GT:  The Return.”  The series of shorts will culminate in a long-form documentary that follows the concurrent development of the Ford GT road and race cars, beginning with the decision to build the cars all the way to the return of the GT at the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans.

This is great news for the Ford GT faithful, as we’ll now have a front row seat as Ford endures the trials and tribulations associated with trying to build both a world-class supercar and race car on an extremely accelerated schedule.



“You have to be at your best to win a race, because the competition is so, so hard. Every second matters. Every millimeter on the car matters. That’s what’s really sexy about racing, is what it takes to win.”

“I always say ‘we work for a company called Ford Motor Company, but we actually work for a family – and that’s called the Ford family.’ So it’s important for us to be able to go back to Le Mans and do it in a way that celebrates the heritage and also, hopefully, if we’re successful, give the Ford family something I would love to give them, which is that trophy.”

– Dave Pericak,
Global Director, Ford Performance

“To win a race, you have to have incredible commitment.”

“I think we’ve always been thinking about building another Ford GT. I think what drove it was the 50th anniversary of the win in ’66 coming up. We felt we really had to do something to honor that win…It represents honoring our heritage. Our heritage is very important. At our heart, we’re a family company.”

– Raj Nair,
Executive VP, Global Product Development and Chief Technical Officer

“You race to win. You don’t race to hope you do well. You don’t race to have a nice looking car. You race to win.”

“Sure, it’s a big risk, but not when you add in reputation, halo effect, and the morale boost it gives anybody who loves the Ford brand. This car will, in the scheme of our earnings, not make much difference. But in the reputation of Ford Motor Company, which is something I care deeply about, this car will be huge.

– Bill Ford
Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company