WTB - low profile Aluminum enclosed trailer


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Aug 11, 2005
SLC Utah
Looking for a good aluminum enclosed trailer - preferably a low profile and escape side door in the 20' range


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Jul 16, 2020
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I dunno if you're just looking for used, and/or looking for something with lots of bells and whistles and set up for the GT, but I bought this basic all-aluminum EZ Hauler 5200 lb axles new from our local Texas Trailers in Nov '22 for $15,800 + tax/title: https://www.fordgtforum.com/forums/threads/gt-trailering-checklist.38773/ (I see it has since increased to $16,900) ... then installed full length E-track and a winch and made ramps. Mine doesn't have a driver's side access "escape" door, but they quoted me around $2,600 I think it was, as after the fact mod. So I just winch it in/out, for now anyway, until I decide to have the door added. Let me know of any questions.

Edit: And now I see they have the same model with an escape door for $18,890 https://www.texastrailersfl.com/eze...-car-hauler-w-elite-escape-door--QEbp|yz.html

Also, just noticed* you said 20', so my same EZ in 20' is $14,690 https://www.texastrailersfl.com/ezec8520-if-e-zhauler-8-5-x-20-all-aluminum-frame-enclosed-car-cargo-trailer-BzQk|yz.html

* Reading is fun-DUH-mental
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