Water Leak Through Windshield


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Jul 22, 2012
Houston Texas
In heavy rains, my car starts dripping through the top of the windshield, 6-8 drops a minute on the passenger side. I was talking to a mechanic about fixing this and he was reluctant about doing it because he thought if he needed to pull the windshield to re-weatherstrip it that the front end needs to be disassembled to get the windshield out.

Is this true about the windshield being hard to pull?
Is this the best fix or would you just RTV the heck out of it? I don't drive in heavy rain much. Cue the FlexSeal comments....



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Apr 24, 2010
E. Washington State
The hassle is lack of clearance at the bottom, It can be done use lots of blue tape. Take it slow and do everything to save gaskets that are also door seals. Be sure an clean seals and seal area to get the best adhesion. Had mine done over ten years ago after picking up a ROCK,Invest in windshield protection its cheaper than buying a new one. You should be able to save windshield and gaskets if careful. GOOD LUCK


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Jan 29, 2009
pull the head liner out and use windshield urethane. 10$ tube and should be able to buy from glass company or body shop.


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Dec 14, 2019
Be careful of the trim pieces. BIG $$$$. More expensive than the glass.