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Jan 10, 2008
To all members:

Just wanted to highlight some of the program highlights and give you some sample rates. Obviously this forum and members are dedicated to the FGT, however, I notice that most of you are collectors as well. The one thing about discussing insurance rates in a forum is the disparity of rates for each state. Obviously, high population states with major congestion (NY, NJ, CA, FL, PA, to name a few) will find the FGT rates to be competitive. Some states have horrible laws when it comes to PIP (MI and NJ specifically) that make rates higher in those states. Those of you in the Plain states or upper NW, etc will find the FGT rates high as your standard carrier knows it is less of a risk.

Some program features are Free Roadside Assistance for every policyholder, various mileage plans tailored to your driving style. The more miles you drive the higher the risk, thus higher rate. Vice versa for less driving. We know that our 1000 mile plan is very competitive in the industry. Especially for those of you that don't drive the FGT or your collector cars that much. We also offer spare parts coverage up to $500 per policy. It means, if you have bought some spare parts for your car(s) and say your garage burnt down, we would cover you up to $500 for that. One of our other underwriting companies has just filed in a 1/4 of the states, the ability to go up to $10,000 in spare parts.

We have also been approved for a special program for our FGT owners. Contact me at for a rate quote, as sometimes I don't check my PM that much everyday.

Sample Rates:

Michigan, 3000 Mile Plan, $172,000 value, 250ded, $1678 (includes MCCA)
California, 3000 Mile Plan, $172,000 value, 250ded, $1453 (We have fixed the CA issues. just issued this quote for a forum member)
New York, 3000 Mile Plan, $172,000 value, 250ded, $1624
Texas, 3000 Mile Plan, $172,000 value, 281ded, $1458

Also, for those owners of FGT's with other collector cars, we offer a collection discount of 20% for policies with 2 or more cars, total combined value over $151,000.
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With all the recent GT’s on auction blocks, increased values and new owners, can you share some current examples?

Thank you