Forum Filters: User/How-to Guide Location?


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Aug 11, 2006
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Is there a User/How-to Guide regarding this Forum's Filter's, Tool Bar, etc...? I guess I'm slow, as I don't find them intuitive.

I have spent the past few days attempting to find past threads utilizing various means without success. Since one of the threads I was looking for, 'Ford v Ferrari' surfaced this morning because of a 'New Post', I was able to ascertain that I had in fact 'employed' various search queries that 'should have' delivered the correct result, looked within the correct 'Forum List', used the correct 'Key Words', etc......without success.

Unfortunately the 'coulda/woulda/shoulda' intuitiveness escaped me.

I'm not looking for any member hand-holding, and will not find the ubiquitous "Search Is Your Friend" response helpful. I'm just looking for the location where I can find the documented 'behavior' of particular filters and other manipulations that this new powerful UI affords.

Thank you.


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Nov 28, 2005
2 "tricks" I use, when the key words are crucial, use quotes, then it will limit the search to those exact words. Also search "titles only" (key words in the title of the thread vs the words simply appearing anywhere in the ENTIRE thread)

@Xcentric had some clever ways to use google, and narrow it down to just this forum (vs the entire Internet), but I dont remember how.