Ford Performance Part Needed (M6017-20T)


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May 19, 2007
Katy, Texas
Does anyone know of shop/vendor/Ford/retailer that may still have this Ford part available? We have checked our normal vendors and Ford as well but they all say it's discontinued. I figure someone has to have this on the shelf somewhere and no better place than to ask but here on the Forum for anything Ford related. The part is a new programmed computer with wiring harness for a Ford Focus. No doubt we could do a MoTec and such but this is just the perfect piece for this project.

Ford Performance part # M6017-20T


Mark Heidaker


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Apr 26, 2007
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Ford has been a little weak in supporting ECU's. Try finding one for our FGT.


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Jul 26, 2010
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Summit lists it but says order and ship in August. Their source is probably Ford though.