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Jul 12, 2006
I purchased this 'official Ford GT' watch a few years ago directly from Autodromo. I do not think they are making them any longer, at least none are on their website. It is a quartz (battery) watch, not automatic. It is the LeMans Blue version. It's a very cool piece that maybe I have worn 2-3x, and not once in the past few years. When I purchased it, I immediately put a different strap on it that was extra long for me.

I just had the original strap put back on (that was never worn - it was in wrapper until this week), and had a new battery installed.
It works perfectly and has minimal wear on the watch itself (strap is brand new). Comes with all original packaging, that is pretty cool.

I have no recollection what I paid, but I think ~$800 either Zelle or PayPal friends and family is a great deal for a very sweet FGT watch that does not appear to be available any longer. Will include free shipping in Continental US if a subscribed forum member.

If I had space in my watch box, I would keep it. Too many watches, too little space and time.

NOTE: This is not the $10,000+ owner's only new Ford GT watch - that was something >$10k and only for new second gen GT owners.


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Jul 12, 2006
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THANKS - it's a cool watch. You will enjoy it.