Fog Lamp/Fog Lens Removal


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Mar 1, 2007
This is the procedure to remove the Fog Lights and/or the Fog Light Lenses from the GT Guy:

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This is the short version of how we remove the fog light lenses if the front fascia is still on the car:

1) Place car on jack stands or hoist.
2) Remove the front Wheels.
3) Remove the front splitter.
4) Remove the RH splash shield.
5) Reposition the EVAP canister.
6) Remove the LH splash shield.
7) Remove the washer bottle.
8) Remove the Fog Lights (Only 4 phillips screws).
9) The sheet metal nuts can then come off of the Fog Lights using an 11mm socket with a pick behind them.
10) The nuts can be reused they are missing from an accident or some other shop didn’t put them back on.

11) Reassemble in reverse steps.

We have done plenty this way.

For us it is about 2 hours worth of work. Drive in drive out.

I’m sure you can shortcut it and fight, cuss, and swear without taking all of that off but that is how we have been doing it for years.

View attachment 41552
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