FGT Underbody Panels(FS)


Jul 15, 2021
San Luis obispo CA
Last thing i ended up having in my storage for this car. Turned out to be a Radiator grille panel and just a regular underbody panel that sits somewhere under the middle of the car. Will keep this one short: I found the panels with a couple of surface scratches on them and took them to a ford bodyshop near me to get them touched up, they look new. Pictures below should show them in decent detail, however my phone camera has had some issues turning everything blue lately so do with it what you will. Asking $1500
Part numbers are shown below for anyone curious.
4G7Z8C299AA - Radiator Grille panel
5G7Z115A74AA - Underbody Panel


Radiator Grille Panel


Underbody Panel


Both Panels Side by side..
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