Chip, Biff, and a Husky


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Jul 26, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
What came up Tony? There was no attachment. But my aerobatic planes were equipped with special inverted oil, fuel, and prop controller systems that would maintain oil pressure 95% of the time even when the plane was upside down for an extended period. Straight vertical up oil pressure would be lost after 2-3 seconds but nothing was harmed as long as oil pressure resumed after 5 seconds or so. Fuel pickup flop tubes in a special aerobatic tank would keep gas flowing in any attitude. The prop governor had a secondary oil pressure canister because a constant speed propeller needs oil pressure 100% of the time.

The Husky has none of those systems and it's not an aerobatic plane so during a roll I need to maintain a fraction of positive G (centrifigul force) to keep fuel and oil flowing at all times. My Glasair III was safe at +9/-6 G's, the Husky must stay below +3.8 G's (I've never had it above 3 G's).


I was looking up the Boxers and the Lycoming aircraft engines also showed in the searches.

Thanks for the other info.

I had a couple of friends in Longmont, CO that flew stunt planes. One moved to New Zealand and took his plane with him.