Chip Beck's 2007 Shelby GT/SC Mustang for sale.


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Feb 13, 2006
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My 500HP 2007 Shelby GT/SC has just 22,000 miles and is flawless inside and out with just one paint chip on the leading edge of the hood scoop. I've owned it since new and the only time this car has been outside was when I was driving it. I've had 3 Shelby Mustangs and this was my favorite. These cars were converted by Shelby American pre-title and sold new as Shelby's by Ford dealers. They came stock with 319HP and Shelby offered a 500HP Ford Racing Wipple Supercharger which this car has. It had every available option, Ford Racing ceramic coated shorty headers, Ford Racing Mufflers, Ford Racing shifter, springs, & shocks were all standard. The Shelby GT has an aluminum block and it's a lot lighter than the GT500 and notacably quicker. My car is currently listed on Bring A Trailer and it won't cost that much to buy it. So if you'd like a nearly perfect, like new condition inside and out, blistering fast genuine Shelby Mustang check it out. A ton of you have seen it at my home and at the last Texas Rally. It's super nice and has always received excellent maintenance. Cheers.


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Jul 26, 2010
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wow, fantastic car. So tempted......
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Jun 18, 2010
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I gave you a "thumbs up" comment on BAT
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