Carbon Fiber Dash


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Aug 2, 2006
Dallas, TX
I am going to have at least one more carbon fiber dash cut for the GT. They run $650. There are no holes for the gauges but there are holes cut for the odometer, engine lights and turn signals. This is because so many folks were asking for different size speedos and some people wanted a MoTeC panel option. I can have my fabricator cut the gauge holes but this will only be for the the SpeedHut products. Kip Ewing offers a dash for the stock gauges (the stock tach is not something that can easily be done on a machine) and I have no intention of stepping on his toes, if he starts to offer an option for these SpeedHut kits, then I will promptly step aside. Additionally, I made $0 on this deal.

I am guessing the my fabricator will charge $100-$150 but I have not spoken to him yet. Carbon Fiber is a relatively easy material to cut so this is something you can do on your end pretty easy. Just shoot me a PM or call me if you want one.


Some pictures of the first batch