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    Finally getting around to new to me FGT

    Thanks for recommendations. At some point I'll finally get around to a paint correction and detail for my GT. Half the battle is just knowing who to trust for the work.
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    Finally getting around to new to me FGT

    Welcome. Who performed the detailing and paint correction?
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    Standard Radio

    That's good info for us base radio guys. Thanks for posting that.
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    delivery/production times

    Same for me.
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    Watch Your Inbox

    I would like to offer the most sincerest thank you to Ford and all of the members of the GT community for their support and encouragement. I was selected as well. Best Regards, Waldo
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    An Afternoon with Cleo Shelby

    I had the opportunity to talk with Cleo Shelby during the Rally 3 event dinner. She is a fellow pilot and a truly charming lady. During our conversation, I mentioned that I had hoped to have Carroll sign the factory window sticker that came with my GT, but that since he was unable to attend...
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    Paint for Black Window Trim

    Thanks, Fenzo. I'll give it a try. Best Regards, Waldo
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    Paint for Black Window Trim

    As is my luck, I managed to get a small scratch through the black paint on the window trim surrounding the driver's side window. It's not large enough to warrant taking apart the door to remove and repaint the entire trim piece, but it is large enough to be noticeable. Does anybody have a...
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    Changing the fuel tank

    I’m off to get my tools...
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    Forum sponsor does not have GT tires

    I ordered a set of Bridgestones from Simple Tire at the end of April. The Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 345/35R-19 rear tires I received were the Suderia version. They were manufactured about 18 months ago. The Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 265/40R-18 front tires I received were manufactured about...
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    Coolant Refill Help Needed Please

    I've changed the coolant on my GT four times, and I am not aware of a way in which the Radkitplus can be used to remove the coolant. I have only used it to remove the air from the systems before I refill them. To drain both cooling systems, I open the radiator and intercooler drains at the...
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    Changing Fluids

    Here are a couple of threads that may help. Best Regards,
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    Bridgestone Scuderia now being shipped from Tire Rack.

    FYI, the 345/35/19 Bridgestones I ordered from Simple Tire arrived this afternoon. They were manufactured in October of 2016 (4216 date code).
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    Bridgestone Scuderia now being shipped from Tire Rack.

    Yes, Tire Rack was able to give me an idea of how old their tires are. The 265/40/18 Bridgestones they could send me were made in early 2016. So the best Tire Rack could do for me would be over two-year old front tires. Hosiers aren't really an option for me. I need a street tire that would...
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    Bridgestone Scuderia now being shipped from Tire Rack.

    When did you order your tires? Were both the front and rears relatively new? I’m not worried about the tires not being allowed on the track. I’m just concerned that I’m giving up useful life and grip. Simple Tire has stated that they were stored in a climate controlled warehouse, and I...