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    Liquid Carbon #24 has arrived

    I think I must have seen your car on the "assembly line" a couple of weeks ago on my tour of multimatic. I was kind of surprised that they were still building liquid carbons Enjoy!
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    a/c not blowing cold

    Thanks, replied Can anyone verify 1234 yf schrader valve used in 2017- present NGT?
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    a/c not blowing cold

    I got around to (hopefully) fixing the issue. Per leak detector light, there was evidence of a slow leak. It registered close to 0 on the gauge supplied with the 1234yf can. I added 1234yf and it is blowing cold again! The pertinent items are under a carbon fiber panel in the drivers...
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    a/c not blowing cold

    No worries- I think most of the replies above were for 05/06 car! Anyone have experience or insight into this problem with nfgt? I've been reading that the new 1234yf refrigerant is not that efficient and really expensive- is it prone to leaks too??
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    a/c not blowing cold

    2021 NFGT
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    a/c not blowing cold

    The a/c in my car is not blowing cold. The a/c button lights up when depressed, all the controls seem to work, but the temperature of the air that's coming from the vents is ambient temp. Is this a known issue? Probably not enough or no 1234yf? Any troubleshoots?
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    N009 has arrived and its a Boy!

    It looks like a classy silvery blue in the pictures- I like it!
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    For Sale: Tunnel Screens

    Mine didn't come with screws. Mine seem good with the stock screws
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    Any Short Drivers? and Insurance Question

    Hagerty- least expensive of the ones I checked
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    An Extraordinary Milestone

    Pretty awesome! What colors predominate (looks like whites, blues, reds)? I would think that they would know all of us would want one- hopefully they are being sent out, or maybe they will be for sale? How long ago did you receive the package?
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    Glossy or Matte Wheels and Trim on Carbon Series?

    Congrats on being offered a carbon series! They are great. No accent package with added carbon mirror caps should be a great look.
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    GTs at Mecum Kissimmee Jan 15

    my prediction- seems a little high on the black and blue cars and a little low on red Heritage. That's a nice assortment of beautiful GTs!
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    Velocity Invitational 2021

    I was there Saturday afternoon, it was a little quiet then, but I had a good time at the event. Next time, I'll sign up sooner and get in on the special food and hospitality area and skip the food trucks! McLaren and Ford had the biggest presence there. There were about a half dozen...
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    and a carbon series to boot! Congrats, looks great!!
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    Ford GT's Getting Flagged by CARB!

    Almost- 1976 or newer (with new cars 6 years or less old also being exempt)