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  • Hey Bud!
    Saw this and it made me think of you.
    Hope link is correct,

    The Secret Of Steve McQueen's Bullitt Chase Scene [Video] -
    Sorry it's taken me so ****in long to reply to your message. I was in Shreveport working for Keith Adams and worked with Chris Gann. He told me some pretty funny stories about your days at Universal. We should get together when I get back from Arizona and shooting Fast and Furious 5. They're using a GT40 and a Pantera. Pretty cool for Ford guys.
    My cell is 310 251 6254. Unfortunately, my cell doesn't work in the iron box of a hotel room I'm staying in.
    Just now saw your message to me. Sorry for the late reply. I just got back from about 3 months in China. Been back for a month now and still getting in the groove. Sometimes the dash board gauges don't work, just turn your GT off and start it up again, this usually fixes the problem. This message is from about 6 months ago, so I'm sure you got it fixed already.... Anyways, if you're a dad, Happy Fathers Day.... Keep in touch, there should be some local GT gatherings this summer. Look fwd to meeting ya.
    Yes, I own an '06 tungsten grey GT. Still gotta post a picture.
    Having trouble with my tach. It's dead. Suggestions?
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