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    Wow that's interesting, tell us more!!
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    Standard Radio

    I have stock radio it is OK, at first loved sound Super charger and the stock exhaust then put in X pipe, now that I think about it, never listen to radio that much anyway
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    Dash Disassembly for Gauge Replacement

    Hi West, Joe gives good description how to remove dash, just to ad I used a bent puller screw driver in empty screw holes when slowly prying it out gauge panel, this was hardest part for me, didn't want damage anything I went slow, wiggled it carefully, I think I even stopped and went back at it...
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    Alternative to 2020 GT 500

    Vaughan, Maybe meet up @ Dorval or somewhere?
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    Alternative to 2020 GT 500

    BMF, I agree the current upgrades of the 2020 will outperform this 8 year old reptile, should run quicker lap times. You gotta drive this on the street, it's in Demon HP range and so squirrely and fun, yet has some decent handling capabilities. I think prices are down, 60-70K range and Super...
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    Alternative to 2020 GT 500

    Hi Just bought a 2011 Super Snake, modified suspension, rims, tires, interior and exterior, with 800 HP, carbon bits and more, a real fun loose street car, first owner only put 400 miles on it, may be less expensive alternative to waiting for 2020 GT 500? Steve
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    The clutch and my foot, and the floor mat? And something!

    Hey Franimal, I have a 67 Shelby as well, fun car, Steve
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    Cant wait for the new GT500

    The new GT 500 is $67K sound legit?
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    Safe seating for a child in an 05 GT

    Also Vincent, just thought of it, I also used a stiff square pillow in seat bottom to raise kids up, seat belt worked even better actually, with Moms approval of course
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    Safe seating for a child in an 05 GT

    Hi, I used the bottom of a car seat with no back and also have used several towels, want safety but yah He wants to see out the front, Steve
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    Legendary Motor car video

    Hi Just did a video up at Legendary Motor car, with Peter Klutt Steve I'm not exactly sure believe it airs later 2019 just a short spot, was a very strange process to film this. You try and have a regular back and forth conversation but with 1 camera every time you reply you have to stop...
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    Joe Macura & Making A 427 Sideoiler run 7000+

    Hi, I just love the 427 has such a deep low rumble at idle, harder and harder to find people now a days who recognize how good they sound, also performs well, had one in mt 67 Shelby for the past 30 years. Steve
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    Accufab GT X-Pipes

    Hi I need the 2 L shaped brackets to install Accufab X Pipe, will try Accufab later today, maybe someone has extra set or was looking to talk GT guys cant see contact info in vendor section phone # please TY Steve
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    Car Cathedral video done by Ford

    Angelo, yes you have OCD, love that "Obsessive Car Disorder" line, well done, ..
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    Muffler replacement recommendation needed

    Hello, for clarification I ordered these exhaust gaskets from Toronto area, Vaughan managed to find some in Memphis warehouse, may be easier to order US side? TY Steve