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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    All booked in Carmel for car week and the historics. And a few days after. It would be a tough squeeze. Everybody have a great time. Pictures please.
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    SAAC Nationals

    I was part of the SAAC 47 entourage at Indy and everyone was talking about this car. Made a big impression.
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    Sold my 2005 Ford GT

    I totally get this but life is to short to live without a FGT. Where ever I drive I'm totally focused with extra diligence depending on what area and traffic situation. If you've ever watched Leno videos he has an area for drives away from town, probably North Hills below Angeles Hwy. Luckily...
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    Congratulations Steve Coates

    Congratulations Steve. Outstanding and awesome at 500+. I remember almost word for word the orientation you did for me on my delivery. You instilled alot of confidence in my mind as well. I believe the final word was "Now just take her out and drive, what this car was built for" Thank you sir.
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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Here's to hoping you have to plan and throw another one. That was a bunch of fun!
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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Thank you Dave much appreciated!
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    Birth of the Ford GT - at the Simeone Museum

    I knew about it but couldn't get out of here. I need to either pull the trigger and finally retire, or figure out how to clone myself.
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    Will you keep your NGT for the long haul?

    It's not everyday that the greatest car company in the world delivers a Lemans Racer to your front door. Definitely and absolutely a keeper! Love my 3rd generation GT.
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    New Roommate!

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    Gas guzzler tax rebate?

    Same experience as many here. Computer adjusts 'miles to empty' per driving condition. Gauge is a constant given so I judge it by the miles to empty reading. I drove to rally 13 from Socal at approx 65 mph. I got 27 mpg. So exactly, uncle Sam owes me a rebate.
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    New GT350r adde

    Wow that's nice, stunning! Congrats and enjoy.
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    Looking for 'FORD' logo for rear quarters.

    Much appreciated!
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    Looking for 'FORD' logo for rear quarters.

    Are there any ready made sources for a Ford logo as provided on quarters the latest Heritage editions? Also would also like to get the visor strip above the windshield. Haven't been able for find anything from search. Thanks.
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    Missing graphics

    Same situation here. Thanks for the update Dave.
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    Jason Cammisa Ford GT Revelations

    He got way to many things wrong on this one, so two thumbs down. Main thing is the 1st generation Ford GT is not, nor ever was a Lola. The thing they ever had in common was the Lola MK6 had a small block Ford and monocoque construction. Ford GT40's were built by F.A.V. not Lola. 2nd, and this...