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    Concours in the Hills - 2020

    WOW! What an awesome event, wish I Could've participated. Thanks for sharing. You guys are the best!
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    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    Should have won 'Best Picture' too as compared to the other nominees. And "Parasite" is in a foriegn language and IMHO should have been in the International category. What a rip off!
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    Ford vs. Ferrari - Film Review

    Shouldn't "Parasite" be in the International category. You have to read the caption to know what's going on. Definitely Ford vs Ferrari as compared is the real winner.
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    Unigue and other GT Memorabilia.

    Our local Vons got these 'checkout dividers' about 3 years ago and not to long after I got the most wonderful news of getting a new GT. Whenever I shopped there and see these, I would remain silent, not utter a word about it and start daydreaming of delivery day from Pat Milliken. Since Redlands...
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    L0042 Arrival 01-31-2020

    Very very nice! Congratulations.
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    New Ford GT unveiling

    This car is incredible! WOW, the workmanship is amazing!
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    2020 differences??

    This was a huge factor in my decision making of my order. I was offered the Gulf Livery edition, but when asked for details and visuals, that was proprietary info. Like going on a blind date.
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    New Ford GT unveiling

    So glad they are doing this Liquid Carbon addition, really showcases the craftsmanship in the GT. Interested in seeing the latest 'Gulf Livery edition' From the read description and the one pic I've seen it's a very nice upgrade in that livery. Are there more pics of that available?
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    2020 differences??

    Regarding the power increase, The Dyno will tell.
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    L0054 delivered 2-3-20

    That's an awesome spec, congrats and enjoy!
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    Ford GT MK II vs McLaren Senna

    Wow, that's incredible. Would be interesting to test and compare Street, Competition and MarkII.
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    Ford GT MK II vs McLaren Senna

    This is awesome! I wonder how the street GT would compare to these lap times.
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    Rally truck perfected

    Haul everything you want to the next rally. We could do a group buy and have it before the next one. (Sorry, no sound from 1:50 to 3:12).
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    New Bronco to race Baja 1000

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    I heard a rumor (perhaps its truth) If one really really wants to get a SS Daytona and not have to wait, just fly over to UAE. The folks over there just ignore those and go for the fancy smancy ones.