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    center lock wheels for the new GT

    Sorry but that dog don't hunt. Back to the drawing board. Maybe more like the the 2015 to 2019 race car wheel?
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    24 hours of Le mans

    Some news and rumor from Lemans. 1. Hypercar in 2021!?!? 2. Peugeot & Alpine/Renault return to the top class. Peugeot and now Toyota both have 3 overall wins, should make for a good competitive rivalry between the two. 3. A major remodel of pit lane, including additional Hydrogen fueling...
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    24 hours of Le mans

    Caught several moments on radio Lemans. Lots of interesting info on the future and what's ahead. It was truly strange with no crowds but still a good race. Keating was racing and it was mentioned how his AM win in the GT was stripped away on a minor technicality, and how he responded as the...
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    Shelby CSX4000 for sale

    Happy belated birthday John. That's a great Cobra! Let us know your driving impressions.
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    Which blue to pick?

    I'm with ENZO BTR on this. You can't go wrong with the Liquid Blue. I too struggled with the idea of maybe it would be to common, but after I took delivery, I was glad I went with it. Everywhere I have taken the GT out people remark what a fantastic Blue, and how complements the design and...
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    What would you guy do

    IMHO, If you find yourself in a situation were you need the extra resources for bettering your life or that of family, then perhaps sell. I would consider it an heirloom and keep and enjoy it forever. You'll only ever get one like this from you're father. All the best whatever you decide.
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    New GT Special edition?? Maybe!

    These sure are really great stories! Part of what makes being on this forum so awesome. Very cool Brian, wish I would have thought of that.
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    New GT Special edition?? Maybe!

    Thought its worth mentioning the first victory for a Ford GT came at the 1965 Daytona Continental. It was still only a 12 hour race then, and as in 1966 also driven by Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby. This could also be a consideration for a heritage livery. A first win is a milestone non the less.
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    New GT Special edition?? Maybe!

    Just now seeing the extended video, WOW, JUST WOW! I can't stop looking at, instantly became my favorite heritage. Yes sir, thats incredible, grand slam home run!
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    2021 Heritage GT - Pat Milliken Ford

    This Heritage has instantly become my favorite! Totally awesome indeed. Way to go Kevin, really nice items. Congrats Gary on your new heritage.
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    Shmee...does it all.

    Always great content on the latest super cars well explained like no one else can. Really a convenience especially if you're shopping for a particular exotic. Hope to meet up with him someday. Heck of a guy!
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    New GT Special edition?? Maybe!

    That is stunning! The hits keep coming from Ford and Ford Performance!
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    Added some color to my "Coal Chutes " !!

    That looks awesome Brian! I think others will want to do something like this too. That sure has that 60's GT40 livery vibe going.
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    New pickup trucks

    Why I keep my fleet well maintained. Even still using an 87 with the 6.9 diesel. Nothing hauls a load of materials or equipment like a Ford!
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    New pickup trucks

    I was thinking that deer would be nice and tenderized after you hit it, but at that speed it was already sausage!