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  • Tom and Summer,
    Thanks for the note and information. You both handled an incredibly difficult situation, well, admirably. Information is what we all, that were there, and at the forum, craved, and I realize that it would all be conjecture at the time. I heard talk of screw ups, jail time, accidents, health, the whole gamut, and can't imagine what additional stress you were subjected to. I will stick with, no matter what most evidence may suggest, and whatever may be most likely, that Jack saw he passed the 200 mark, and at that point he was no longer with us, continued to soar off these earthly bounds as he flew off to his next adventure. Thanks again, and I hope you know that everything was done safely and properly.

    And thank you for not sending me a speed certificate for the 99 mph I hit on my one run where my front trunk cover lifted and I was just trying to get off the runway quickly.

    i wish we lived in the same town. oh man the fun we could have together burnin up the pavement in our GT's......
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