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    tach inoperative after the battery went flat

    True, at one point I had battery drain issues and it was nice to get a warning when voltage dips were occurring.
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    tach inoperative after the battery went flat

    Yep, alot of fun to play with (this was a first time I had them).
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    tach inoperative after the battery went flat

    There is one guy around that had a negative comment on every thread that mentioned Speedhut gauges, but everyone else seems fine with them....even BMF who is very knowledgeable on all things FGT.
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    tach inoperative after the battery went flat

    I know I'm in the minority, but I like the Speedhut gauges. The white face (you can get black if you want) helps the contrast with the mostly black interior and like having shiftlights.
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    forum participation?

    Camilo demonstrated how to shut the clamshell on the Jay Leno that is how I do it.
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    forum participation?

    Was it the thing where the latch clicks into the retracted position if you push it too far? Clicking that is how I open it by there any harm in doing that as long as I move it forward again so it will latch properly?
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    Short Throw Shifter

    The short shifter is not without downsides but I like it overall.....the boot thing is 100% awesome though.
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    Document Storage

    Drops mic......
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    For you new 05/06 GT owners!

    The Project 321 stuff is now mostly gone and they stopped making them awhile back....the same for anything Kip produced, I had to pay through the nose for a set of interior CF that included the storage armrest. Hopefully someday I get around to installing everything. I’ll throw out the billet...
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    New Canadian Owner

    Nope, even better except for value
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    New Canadian Owner

    My FGT is still in 2nd place but magnificent nonetheless. We are all very fortunate.
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    Any carrera gt owner ? In our ford gt community

    Pure and simple, one of the great cars of this century...... I understand that maintenance is in another world from the FGT
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    New Canadian Owner

    This mirrors my story. I drove one in 2012 but bought something else. The FGT didn't even finish in the top 5. As recently as 2 years ago, it wasn't on my list at all. But alot of things transpired in late 2019 that not only shed new light on the car for me, but this time I went deep enough...
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    The latest FGT being auctioned on BaT

    Sounds pretty cheap....I mean have you guys priced mules lately? And 3,600 of them? Big score....
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    At What Tread Depth do you Recommend a Tire Change?

    This is a rule of thumb I wouldn't follow for any car, much less one that spends 99% of the time in the garage....different strokes and all. The current tires are 2013 so I'm replacing them this year for sure....just a matter of when. I'm kind of surprised to see everybody waiting until...