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  • Hi:
    Can I get a copy of the new Ford GT race & street cars press release package with images? I'd like to publish something on the project at www.CarGuyChronicles.Com. My email is I own a Tungsten GT and am on the Forum
    Martyn L. Schorr
    Hi, I am looking to paint my gas lid on my GT. I heard that you may have done this to your car? If so can you tell me how you took it apart to do the paint work and even more importantly how you put it back together? Thanks,
    Alan Meeks
    Could you send me a few pics of the matte finish on the 05?
    I bet it look good in the Sleath black...... Billy
    Hi Ray, Iam the guy that sold you the Heritage GT. I hope your enjoying your car. If you or anybody you know would be interested in another Heritage Gt I am selling my brothers car. The heritage is just like the one I sold you, it has about 125 miles and is a one owner. Thanks Fred Hosman
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