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    GT Spec Oil Filter vs FL500

    Some times simple things work :)
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    06 GT pops out of 3rdgear under accelerating?

    I think Nota4re is probably correct. The alignment tool checks the neutral position of the shifter. if your other gears/shifts are behaving normally, I would suspect something internal. Third gear in the transaxle has a little history with syncro's and with the gear splitting at the weld. If...
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    GT Spec Oil Filter vs FL500

    They could even be hand made via small manufacturing shop, per the string, limited supply and cost. Not like they need to make a lot of these each year.
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    It's official, 2005 FGT 1343 is mine

    Congrats.. Always worth the wait. New tires and enjoy driving as everyone here does.
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    Next FORD GT rally?

    Figured he would do that again. And a Heritage like the last?
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    2022 AMGT40-1 Unveiled at Chicago Auto Show

    Side by side ! Pretty cool .
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    Black Paint Code

    i think Rich Brooks is able to have these coated (paint or Powder).. He has the codes. I went the same route as Andy. Polished the aluminum(removed the machining) and sealed it. When I first got these from John, I asked what he did to seal the raw aluminum. He stated he use a produce call...
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    Bye for now

    Long 20 seconds Ron Welcome back :)
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    GT Rally 13 Scottsdale video

    Very cool. What a great 4+ days. Video does an awesome job of giving the flavor of the Rally, but with so many more memories, the only way to experience them is to attend one ! Thanks DBK and Chip.
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    Ford GT Bumper Delete

    Great Photo's.. Thanks. For me , I would start with a smaller increment to cut off and drive it for a bit, see if I liked it. See if the sound changed much after the cut. Can always cut more off, hard to go the other direction. :)
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    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

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    Small hydraulic fluid leak from aero flap mechanism

    From a 2021... Guessing this might be what you looking for. Other item is the hard plastic post that seems to be part of the aero brake feature. Car is parked with the wing up. Additional info: the 2021 car cover from Ford during ordering was unavailable/delayed while it was modified to make...
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    Think I have a oil breather hose leak?

    Very clean look. What size clamp did you use? Thanks, Bruce
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    Body shop for your FGT

    The cost of shipping it to The GT Guy would be less than having to fix someone else's mistakes. Not that Rich is the only good body work guy, but he is probably the best GT body work guy.
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    New Forgeline wheels for the GT!

    Very nice! Like the tire choices with 20's.