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    Speedometer failure right after airbag recall. - Coincidence?

    Unrelated. Drivers side steering wheel is easy job that doesnt intrude into dash and instrument cluster. Passenger side also doesnt involve that area, just lower dash pad. GT guages are a known weak spot. It is also possible you have a bad battery ground or a weak battery from the doors...
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    GT Availability

    I wish they would entertain a waiting list for those that were denied to fill any possible cancelations.
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    Smart Junction Box

    The part number is 5G7Z-15604-AD
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    Smart Junction Box

    Yes mine went bad......had an issue where my left tail light would stay on after car was turned off.
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    Smart Junction Box

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    Smart Junction Box

    I've been down this road. Not a fun job. If I recall correct, just move lever up to release. I seem to remember some connectors located behind box also. Be careful you don't accidentally press the fuel cut off inertia switch in that area too, and be aware your key remotes are tied to that...
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    I tested POSITIVE for the Covid-19 Virus.. recovering.. 71st birthday today.

    Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery!
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    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    And if we want all 4 is it easier/cheaper for you Kendall to ship all 4 at once upon the rears ones being ready?
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    Merkury Tip

    Great work Rich!
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    Thanks Multimatic and Ford

    Wow !
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    GT Availability

    I don't know..there was no wait / backup list that I'm aware of. You were either approved or you weren't. I tried getting them to reconsider without success.
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    Are my new tires too old?

    I would say too old. I am sure they are fine for now, but they certainly aren't as good as a fresh set as far as how long they will be good for in the future. Where did you buy from and did you ask them to check the date codes before shipping?
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    18 Mile 2017 Heritage Edition For Sale

    Sad when so many of us were denied.
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    McIntosh Amp Fan Noise ....replacement available ?

    Actually the first place above was out of stock. Here is where I bought them and these have no extra speed control wire :