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    Why is it difficult to get GT parts?

    The other two sure yours is bad? The hose...what is that for?... is it this power steering hose? ...if not, you probably need one of these hoses anyway:
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    Why is it difficult to get GT parts?

    Air Filters by from FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter, CA8958 for Select Ford Vehicle (need 2)
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    Thank you Pat Milliken Ford!

    So impressive !
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    Funny and Exciting Story.

    I'm so jealous! I have tried so hard for an allocation.
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    WTB: Ford GT Car Cover Bag
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    It's official, 2005 FGT 1343 is mine

    Check the power steering return line hose. make sure it isn't sticky and weeping.
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    Interesting Discussion on Ford GT values from PC Market

    It begins at 10:50 point into the video
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    Last 200 fin

    Wow, what a great photo !
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    Why will Ford stop making the NGT?

    All I need is for Ford to make one extra for me! Still bummed over being passed over.
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    Ford GT Heritage Edition 2022
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    Belly Pan Dippers

    It took me two months, but the new Diaper I ordered at the dealer finally arrived from Ford.
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    My new GT is almost Base; that ain't a bad thing!

    Jealous ! Good luck !
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    GTs at Mecum Kissimmee Jan 15

    This one already being sold by a dealer.
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    An Extraordinary Milestone

    I'm still holding out a glimmer of hope they reconsider my application. Would love to get one.