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    Formula One, Drive to Survive on Netflix

    I watched both seasons some incredible in car video
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    looking for a 05/06 gt

    It is a dicey time to spend money but Guaranteed the value of any GT has not dropped anything close to the stock market.
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    Mecum Phoenix

    I think this is a rare collection car with provenance not a driver. Lack of AC should not be a factor in purchase. Great long term investment. IMO
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    Mecum Phoenix

    At one point the bid was 950K and they offered S.B. 1M all in. He said he wanted to cleat at least 1,00,050 not sure what he walked out with but seems like a good buy for owner history and rare car.
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    Mecum Phoenix

    The event was held but it appeared that only the bidders were allowed in as the arena was empty. If you have it recorded lot S117 was the sale of Bourdeas competition GT. The entire auction conversations and negotiations were recorded between Frank and Sebastian and was quite interesting and...
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    Shelby Bash 2020

    A real shame on what was going to be a fantastic event but the refunds from Shelby and the hotel were immediate and seamless.
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    Shelby Bash 2020

    At least in time to get hotel deposit back
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    2020 FORD GT. 1969 HERITAGE EDITION. ALLOCATION. I got the call.

    Congrats David and an awesome Show room.
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    After nearly 15 years in the making, I finally own a Ford GT

    Great write up and now you will find the best part of ownership will be the people you meet and the opportunities the GT forum will provide. Totally agree with Rashad the best experience ever with the transport of my GT. He only moved mine across Atlanta to film and back but serviced me as if...
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    D-Day L070

    Now the good part starts
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    2020 Lemans entry list

    I'm sure he would rather be driving the GT but he had no choice when a deal couldn't be made to race the GT after Ford program ended. He really had alternative but find a ride with someone.
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    Headlight Replacement

    Let me guesd Aiken Ford
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    Price increase!

    One mention of bikini and this thread is way out of it’s lane 😱
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    The Return

    Definitely the 19 want to track it at least one time and would not do that with just any group.
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    Price increase!

    $490 labor is crazy its less than a 1 hour job. I took Bills advise on oil bought the correct filter, took to my normal shop was able to be under car the whole time and was charged $40.00 labor. It's not rocket science