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    Vote for Mollie for Favorite Teacher

    Good luck, got vote in!
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    My new FGT

    Nice car and great family!
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    Introducing M015

    Congrats and enjoy
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    Introducing M034 Liquid Red GT

    Enjoyed the day and meeting new friend. The car looks great even though its not silver!
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    Factory car covers are back

    I'm waiting for the Email saying mine will be replaced for the correct fitting new one. If not my old one still fits fine unopened in the original box.(y)
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    Cracked Windshield

    Has anyone else had an issue with Cleaplex and windshield cracking??
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    Genuine Ford GT - Chip Ganassi Fireproof Jacket

    Custom fitting is a must as these are racing jackets that are form fitting and run really small. I ordered mine with correct measurements and added an inch and when it arrived it was smaller than my original measurements. Billy agreed after seeing what was sent and had another one rush ordered...
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    Removing wheel covers on standard wheels

    ^^^ I miss Xcentric. I could not agree more he was one of a kind and his posts were very informative or entertaining depending on the subject.
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    Stereo sounds mediocre at best

    The radio in the Ford GT should not even be a topic. lol
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    Recommendations for incoming NFGT

    I used Clear Plex and really no noticeable distortion along with Expel but no paint correction.
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    2018 Heritage Ford GT

    Good luck with sale I think you more than fulfilled your commitment for ownership.
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    Newest Blipshift shirt is posted. GT40 & very cool!!

    Ive always bought multiple items of the same design for the family. That diffuses the shipping. Rationalizations of a true hoarder. 😂😂😂
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    Launch Control Question

    Maybe not a strong suit but definitely recommend trying it out at least once.
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    My first post is one of gratitude

    Congratulations and coming here will enhance your owning experience.
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    Hagerty has jumped the shark.

    Same issue as Gene with State Farm in 2019.