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    Socket for titanium lug nuts

    Well what was the issue?? Inquiring minds want to know
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    Heffner NGT exhaust for sale

    How did you like the sound and any pictures on car?
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    Shmee...does it all.

    The same work effort his day here at Road Atlanta and did track his car and several others the entire day. Really seemed to know his way around the track even if he isn't dressed for it. LOL
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    10,000mile or more club

    Just turned yesterday on 05 and 2700 on 19
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    Rally 13 UPDATE.

    Understand the issues and appreciate the effort. Looking forward to seeing everyone ASAP.
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    For you guys doing your own oil change at 600 miles/1000 km

    Pretty straightforward and a canister oil filter makes it pretty simple once the panels are off.
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    My day

    Looks great and love the color!
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    Socket for titanium lug nuts

    Your not the first guy who told me 90 is plenty
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    Socket for titanium lug nuts

    Got wheel from Kevin in 2 days had mounted and back in business. 150 ft lbs of torque seems excessive but manual and concierge confirmed. Filing a claim with Ga. DOT and they do occasionally pay for damage from pot holes. A long shot but maybe especially when they see the cost!
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    Socket for titanium lug nuts

    Since I have a wheel removal in the future any suggestions on how to avoid scratching the lug nuts?
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    Our one and only Rich Robeck on a podcast interview...

    Always a pleasure talking with Rich and appreciate his sharing knowledge of our cars.
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    After Caffeine and Octane virtual car show Larry from or Instagram @winningauto, did a photo shoot at a cool parking lot in Atlanta. Larry is a college student who is an excellent photographer and a great young man. I know a few of you have worked with him before or saw...
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    A Virtual car show

    Was invited as one of 50 cars that will drive through Caffeine and Octanes new garage/studio. Not as exciting as a normal event but at least a start. Also on Instagram and later broadcast on their normal show. Caffeine and Octane - Live Virtual Car Show Coverage Join us this Saturday to view...
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    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    Thanks put fronts on and nice product
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    The Return

    quoting Elton John "THE BITCH IS BACK" (y) 😁