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    Thanks for the info! Looking at an installer this week . Also thinking about the bottom. In those tough places, never thought about the spray!! I did a motorcycle tank few years ago and still holding up. Applying somewhat tricky, too thin and very difficult to remove. Need right thickness first...
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    2005 Ford GT

    Can’t believe your selling this beautiful car! Great price! Can’t believe market has corrected this much with all these great accessories! My NFGT due to arrive this summer, not convinced for long term , after newness wears off, that it will be better every day driver than my 05. Love the more...
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    Ford is stepping up in the electric vehicle market!

    electric not a good long term option IMO, if we went entirely to electric cars, would we have adequate production for the need? unless there is abundant, renewable clean supply, which I do not think there will be in near future, not a long term solution. Hydrogen for now looks better option...
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    NFGT "paint to sample" blues.....

    I too have an RS. Thought long and hard of doing nitrous blue and add orange stripes for modern rendition of gulf colors. Would love to see it! Go for it!!!
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    NFGT "paint to sample" blues.....

    Like too many red Ferrari’s? It is a gorgeous blue, even “ford blue”! Some people just want to be different, others order because they like it and don’t care. I was told about 1 month ago from concierge, about 20% of orders so far.
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    Genuine Ford GT - Chip Ganassi Fireproof Jacket

    Chip, Count me in as well! How is the work progressing? Thanks
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    Wow! Great idea and good times! With the mods, 2006 ? hP
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    Thanks to GT Selection Team

    Congrats! Another allocation to upstate NY! No authorized service dealer in NY state yet!!!
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    Wow!! Quite the accomplishment!!
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    Sincerest Form of Flattery? Thanks Ferrari!!

    Inspired by Ferrari P3 or Dino 206? No way!! They did not want to say NFGT! Give credit where credit is due (yeah right)!! Still think GT much better looking! IMO, New Ferrari’s styling uninspiring!
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    Difficult decisions! Glad it’s over!

    Limerock get together sounds great! Keep us posted! Thanks!!
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    Difficult decisions! Glad it’s over!

    Definitely going to multimatic , would not miss it! Let’s do a northeast rally!!!
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    Difficult decisions! Glad it’s over!

    Thanks Fred! I did remember grey was your second choice! I tormented for a long time between the blue and the grey! Definitely let’s get together this driving season!
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    Difficult decisions! Glad it’s over!

    Thanks everyone! Interesting going through the combinations, there are a few which which they will not do or highly recommended not to do!!
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    Difficult decisions! Glad it’s over!

    Yes, liked release photos for CF , but wanted metallic color ( not leadfoot), so orange accents!