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    Source for Castrol Edge Supercar 5w-50?

    A question to our colleagues “ in the know”. Since our GTs (both 05-06 and NFGTs) are dry dumps. The dipsticks is measuring oil in the reservoir, not the oil pan directly, correct? as long as the level is b/n the marks, should we not be fine?!
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    Unbelievable! Sick feeling in my stomach reading this(and I am a “stomach Doc!”). Ruins it for everyone! Toatally understand now why no recent national rallies. Community has definitely grown with NFGT production. Logistics would be a challenge. Though really miss them!!
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    What have you learned about your NGT today??

    Yesterday, car outside , freak , quick , heavy downpour! First time car in rain! Engine bay soaked with CF rear window! Also opened up door and water poured out the front lower door! Wonder what happened at MM in water test! Where does the water go from engine bay with all the panels on the...
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    Delivery day 2019 GT's. Great Day!

    Congrats Jeff! Beautiful and well deserving!!
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    Secondary market.

    Congrats on your new GT!! When I met you in Detroit a few years ago and learned how many miles you had on your GT then, I thought if anyone deserved a new GT it was you! Happy for you! Post some photos!!!
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    Delivery after a 3 year wait - Mystichrome GT

    Wow! More photos please!!
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    A Companion for my Ford GT…."The First Supercar"

    I remember in the 60s , reading road and track. 10 best cars; over $20,000 was the miura SV! I can still see the photo! Always one of my dream cars ( with GT40!) congrats!!!
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    Source for Castrol Edge Supercar 5w-50?

    Great dealership, wish they were close!
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    K181 Delivery, July 17th!!!!!!!

    I remember this day well, like it was only 1 week ago... actually it was!! Congrats and enjoy! I did!!!
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    What would you have done differently for your first 1000 miles?

    Since the subject is coming up. Just received delivery of my beauty. Looking back at the entire process for the most part incredible experience! Thanks to ford for opportunity!! Concierge (Philip) outstanding, multimatic visit so special! ( thanks Pearce!!). Only negative experience was the...
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    Loading Towing Addendum

    Maxemus !!
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    Loading Towing Addendum

    Protection on seating surfaces?? Seat covers??? Oh no!!
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    Genuine Ford GT - Chip Ganassi Fireproof Jacket

    I ordered sparco custom bag for my GT. Was told jackets are now available to order!!
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    Delivery scheduled for Tuesday !

    yes remember well!. Keep me informed on any get togethers!!
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    Delivery scheduled for Tuesday !

    Thanks for all the positive comments! Now the wait until she’s wrapped! Going to the garage to confirm it’s real!!