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    Set of 4 standard 05/06 wheels plus Caps New Unused

    All new unused uncounted. They are not repairs or remanufactured. No blemishes. One rear wheel still sealed in original inner box. It’s outer box is larger to accommodate the four caps. The other rear wheel is still sealed in the insert. The front wheels each came in a single box but have not...
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    05/06 Ford Original BBS ten spoke premium wheels New and still in original boxes and Ford Shipping Boxes Complete Set. 2 Front and 2 rear

    Price is 5800.00 plus shipping. I'm willing to drive 200 miles from zip 32133. Message me if serious. Thanks
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    Complete Original Standard Wheels New in the boxes with four Caps Also in Boxes Some still sealed. FOR SALE

    I bought a complete set of wheels shortly after I bought my car in Dec 2005. They are new and have been stored in an air conditioned office since then. They are all in the original boxes with both the inner boxes and outer ship boxes. Some boxes still have some sealing tape on the inside. There...
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    What parts make sense to buy and hold?

    Do you have a part number for the plastic fasteners for the package tray? I have sill plates, gauges, and complete set of new standard and option wheels plus 2 headlights
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    K181 Delivery, July 17th!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to all! I hope the next three years seem to go as fast as the last three. Time Flies! Tempus Fugit! die Zeit Fleight vergeht im Nu
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    delivery/production times

    Mine is January to July 2022. I was told that most of next years production is going to Europe
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    Good news, bad news.

    My good news is that I'm still getting one. Bad news is my production is Jan to Jul 2022
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    K104 on the way......

    Congratulations!! I am just starting down the Acquisition Road and am super excited about getting a supercar. I can't imagine how I'll feel at delivery.
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    Watch Your Inbox

    I was selected! Thank you, Thank you, Ford GT Team. I already have the whole Ford Family working on the design. Wish my Dad, a former FORD engineer, was alive to give his valued input.
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    THANK YOU FORD!!!!!!!

    Thank you FORD GT Concierge Team!!!! We truly are a Ford Family. Everyone has always owned Fords. My brothers, sister and I all worked for Ford when we were in college. Dad was an industrial engineer at Ford for thirty four years. I am honored to be selected. Congratulations to all those who...