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    Original Registered and still current owners

    original and only owner delivered august 2006. 23000mikes and still can't believe how lucky I am to have this car.
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    Original Owner Poll II: Yes or No ?

    yes and still smiling every time I drive the GT
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    2014 Camilo Pardo Ford GT Forum Calendar

    Is it to late to order a 2015 ford gt calendar I would like to order one again please.
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    I will be there friday only if any one is still around Fly GT 40
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    No plate

    At least you still have some hair to comb:troll
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    No plate

    If I just left it in the garage with the door closed it wouldn't be an issue. Nice to here from you pockets:cheers But you do have a point:bang
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    No plate

    I have gotten two of those fix it tickets. One on the porsche which was parked in a driveway nose in. The second on the GT after being tailed 7 miles. The CHP never was in front of the car not even when he was writing the ticket. California land of the not so free:eek:bs. At least they are...
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    So California Viper - Ford GT "One Day of the Condor Run" Sept 14th, 2013

    Eric This is a great road I am really looking forward to the Condor run.:driving:
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    So California Viper - Ford GT "One Day of the Condor Run" Sept 14th, 2013

    Looks like a lot of fun. One friend has a viper and one a Z06 can I invite both?
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    My best picture ever!

    :cool great pic
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    Famous Ford GT Annual Mileage Survey

    21000 miles and still having fun:usa
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    The Lawyer and the Senior

    Ralph Why does it strike me that you would be that senior. Great joke thanks for sharing
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    Day One

    Mark Congrats on the new Gt. Enjoy it and have a lot of fun with it. Is that a Beech 18 in your avatar.
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    SoCal Spring Run...Where Do We Go??

    I'm game for any drive with this group is a blast. :party Big bear was good, Temecula to Idlewild are great, Malibu is always fun. Just post where and when.:driving::cheers::driving: