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    Reaction to Pista vs NFGT

    Makes sense to me. I was at a show at Lamborghini Newport Beach back in May. The place was draped in Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens (including a gorgeous blue carbon fiber Senna) and three Konigs-somethings, including the new Scorpio or whatever it’s called. The GT got more attention than any...

    2020 Corvette thoughts?

    After seeing it in person and sitting in it I’m still conflicted. The exterior styling falls apart after the side glass, and the interior... Regardless of anyone’s opinion, keep this in mind — the Bowling Green plant recently had massive upgrades for production capability, and seeing the new...

    Ford GT Mk. II Walkaround with Larry Holt

    #unrestrainedfordgt 👍

    K135 has arrived...

    Very smart and looks great!

    24H LE MANS-- Keating Ford Stripped of Le Mans GTE-Am Win

    Car is so gorgeous! That passenger cell shot! Thanks Tomy!

    24H LE MANS-- Keating Ford Stripped of Le Mans GTE-Am Win

    Completely agree. I would love a world without excesses. A big step in the right direction: don’t give people a reason to have excesses.

    24H LE MANS-- Keating Ford Stripped of Le Mans GTE-Am Win

    Amen. As I said in my first post, in 2016 I watched a Ferrari drive for hours without it’s proper exterior lights working, exactly like the Ford GT had done earlier in the race. The Ford was forced to pull in and sit for some amount of time (can’t remember the details). When the Ferrari’s...

    24H LE MANS-- Keating Ford Stripped of Le Mans GTE-Am Win

    This kind of bullshit after the Ferrari fiasco in 2016 when that car: A. Didn’t have the lights working on the side (just like the Ford GT didn’t earlier in the race — and was penalized for it) B. Didn’t stop like it was supposed to because of the light issue, essentially ignoring a stop-and-go...

    Another Pista owner

    That’s a sumptuous cabin. Enjoy the ride!
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    K135 has arrived...

    Beautiful. Congrats.
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    K147 home...

    Killer garage mate. Love the Boss 429s. That's my hometown. Be fun to hook up next time I'm back. At some point I might even have to do an LA-DEN run in the new GT (did it in 2008 in my '05 GT, and had the time of life).
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    How to mount non-carbon wheels...

    Damn, those look good! Wish I'd seen them before I sprung for a set of factory alloy wheels (as a street alternative to my carbon fiber wheels). Reasonably priced, too!
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    2019 24 Hours of Le Mans

    It’s going to be a helluva show in 2 weeks... The imagery alone will make the trip worthwhile. Sad I’ll have to watch on TV, but I’ll be glued to my screen.
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    Ford GT Design Portfolio by Camilo Pardo

    I’d seen some of these, but not all of them, and certainly not in signed print form. Nice catch!
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    New F car SF90

    I see some new NSX, and a lot of Battista. Not that either of those are unattractive, but further proof it’s hard to make a truly distinctive supercar these days. With one notable exception... :p