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    Check your inbox - phase 2

    I'm still hoping to make the second edition wait list ! Let me know what day yours is coming and I will WestJet over for the celebration....congratulations 2006 #1899
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    Rally 11 - COTA

    Phil, the site didn't work for me either. Maybe we are to foreign (Canadian) 2006 #1899
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    Rally 11 - COTA

    Tim, I'm looking for a single, I would be happy to buy your single if you wanted to join your wife in the stands 2006 #1899
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    Chip's Scottsdale, AZ Rally to the Rally - Rally 11

    ace co-pilot avalible for Rally 11 Last year I Rallied to the Rally and really enjoyed the trip. Chip's event sounds like a great start to yet another Rally not to be missed. If you are thinking about going and would like some company , I'm your guy , easy going with a sharp eye for speed traps...
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    I heard this is the week...

    The letters are out The letters are out and I didn't get one. It reads "Congratulations ! You've been selected for the opportunity to purchase a new Ford GT ! Your passion for performance and the Ford GT qualifies you to be among a small number of drivers selected for the opportunity to own a...
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    Le Mans trip

    I frequently go back and forth to Vancouver on B.C. Ferries, the trick is to ask to be put on the lower deck with the big trucks . the lanes are wider and there are no family station wagons packed with
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    Le Mans trip

    call me and I can fill you in 250-380-8282, victoria b.c.
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    Le Mans trip

    LeMains trip My wife said I could go ! Anyone else from Canada going ?
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    Anyone driving to Sonoma from the PNW?

    the beers in the fridge. What's your ETA ?
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    Ford GT National Rally 8 *REGISTRATION* Who's IN?

    Yesterday I found the Rally schedule, but today I can't ! Can some tell me where to look?
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    ed, you have a lot of posts , you must be in the know! I'm new ,is there an agenda for the rally...

    ed, you have a lot of posts , you must be in the know! I'm new ,is there an agenda for the rally and where could I find out more about it...thanks
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    Anyone driving to Sonoma from the PNW?

    I am traveling from Victoria B.C. on I-5. I'm booked at the hotel and will go watch the America's Cup events after the Rally....I'm a newbe and still don't know what the Rally is ? but I'll figure it