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    Need Help - Pine tree sap on paint ..cannot remove.

    Mineral spirits is what we use, if it is tree sap.
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    FS::::Set of 4 Blue brake calipers/pads::::

    is the color an exact match for our blue stripes?
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    Steep decline in FGT Values

    Just wait until the NFGT hit resale markets in a couple of years, for big $. Old ones will be stronger too
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    Midnight Blue by Camilo

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    What letter from Ford did you get?

    my sentiments also
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    2017 Raptor

    Ford is currently building the new Raptors but they are not for the U.S. (China). We wont see any till fall but are expecting the ordering guide any day now. Contact your favorite dealer to secure your allocation.
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    GT hit with major BoP adjustment by IMSA

    Actually, it's a huge compliment to Ford and the Ford GT. They developed such a bad ass car that the BoP has to tie both hands and one leg behind our back, in order to help the others compete! Let that be the story that is told!
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    New Trailer

    sweet vette
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    Are You the Original Owner for 10 years - The Decade Club

    God, I hope not! Our little secret. Lol
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    Are You the Original Owner for 10 years - The Decade Club

    The complications of my divorce were dragging out and I didn't want to risk losing the car that I had special ordered and followed through the assembly plants. So my boss, the owner of the dealership, let me drive it as my second "demo" for 2 years and then I bought it after everything was...
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    Ford GT Bare Carbon Wheel Debuts

    Sweet! Like automotive jewelry...
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    Sportscar Market April/June

    Supply & Demand. People love the Ford GT. End of story.
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    Number of Applications?

    The window to apply is still open for some countries though.
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    Application Tip

    Yep. Isn't that time equal to midnight tonight, Eastern Daylight time?
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    Application Tip

    Don't wait to the last minute either. I just had a problem changing the photos I wanted. The system was locking up. Possible overload worldwide because the deadline is fast approaching? Just a heads up! Tons of work, to gather all that info but at least I was able to check almost every box! Now...