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  • Jeff,
    A response to a post of mine suggested that I contact you. I have a stripeless blue 05' and I'm wanting to find out how many in 05' were built with the same options as mine. I have the authenticity package but as you know that tells me how many stripeless blue's with red calipers were produced (11) but not how many of those 11 also had forged wheels and a Mac. It would seem that the only way to get that info would be to go through a list by serial number which sounds like a tedious job - so if that's the case then please ignore the request, but if there's a simpler way to see that I'd like to find out how. My serial no. is 1669 . Thanks Jeff,
    Hi Jeff, I tried to PM you but it doesn't give me access? I purchased a 2005 Red GT and would like to forward the info for your collecting. What do you need from me? I just received the Ford package/certificate so I have the build info. Thanks John Taylor

    saw where you viewed my sight. do you still have a cobra/cobras? as you probably know we sold 3102 at mecum's auction in monterey. after 39 years it was time to move on. we have acquired 2 gt's (yellow and a heritage blue). if i send you the vin numbers can you tell me what you have on their history? the heritage was bought from shelby smith and the yellow was bought from team motorsports in springfield, mo. both have promised to send me what info they have on previous owners.
    will you be attending "vir" for the rally? we only live about 1 1/2 hours from the track and hope to come down just to watch the cars run. we won't have either of our cars in time to participate. hope all is well with you and your family.
    thanks for any info you can offer.

    bill jones
    You're invited to register for the Ford GT SuperCar Meet in Orange County, CA. This event is presented by Barrett-Jackson Auctions. 5 days of fun with fellow GT Owners. This event takes place June 23 - 27, 2010.

    • Car Registration includes: Admission to the O.C. Barrett-Jackson Auction
    • Admission to the Gala Night Event at Barrett
    • A special parking area for the Ford GT registered cars
    • A Ford GT Supercar event Tommy Bahama style shirt. Each registered
    • Petersen Automotive Museum Tour with Special Parking for GT's
    • An Autocross at the California Speedway NASCAR track (Awards for top cars)
    • a Cruise up Pacific Coast Highway
    • A tour of Carroll Shelby's shop w/ a charity auction.
    • Camilo will be hosting the auction at Carroll's, including paintings auctioned

    For more information please check out the event at Go to our events page and view more info. You can register by calling us at (951) 656-0862

    I have a friend buying a 2006 Heritage...anything you can tell me about this car? Vin# 1FAFP90S16Y400838. The car has 300 miles.......thank you jeff...

    hi partner
    well after many, many months of not owning a gt, looks like i might be sitting in another verrrrrry soon.
    just wondering, if you would know who owned #0032 (06) red/white.
    i'm buying it from a dealer in florida and he claims he bought it from an auction.
    just want to check with the previous owner to see if there are any stories

    wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed for me.
    and ps--before you ask, yes i will contribute this time---lol

    ciao for now

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