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    Serious question for guys who actually drive these cars a lot

    That's what this thread is for. (I should know, I started it!) I'm sure many folks here would appreciate hearing your "creative packing" tips.
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    Hagery Magazine article

    We had a big thread on that a few months ago, here's a good place to jump in to see some results:
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    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Regarding center brake light flashers- I've used this one before. It has a delay feature so your chmsl isn't continuously blinking in stop-and-go traffic and driving the guy behind you crazy. It's an old-school website, click "brake light pulser" then scroll to bottom to see universal model...
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    Vertical panorama photo

    Correct, sir. I also have a 400F and a Transalp.
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    Why can't I post in Marketplace? Says no privilege?

    . .
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    Smart Junction Box

    The Wiring Diagrams manual for the car details all the grounds in section 10, then you can find the locations of each using section 151. Not suggesting it would be easy, but it is possible.
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    Smart Junction Box

    My (non-FGT) experience with electrical problems like this (where there is erratic behavior of multiple components) is that the problem is always related to a loose or corroded ground connection somewhere in the car.
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    Vertical panorama photo

    No question about that, but taking this photo took 60 seconds.
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    Vertical panorama photo

    one last try. .
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    Vertical panorama photo

    Not sure what's going on- tried to reduce the size of image, and now it's gone. As you were......
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    Vertical panorama photo

    iPhone pano mode, but used vertically. Kinda fun sometimes. And makes my tiny garage look big. .
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    Merkury Tip

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    updating standard radio to newer unit with aux in and bluetooth

    Assuming the new GT radio has a conventional antenna connector, a plug-in unit will work much better than a transmitter-type unit. Still sends via an FM radio signal, but piped directly into the radio instead of through the air. Here's one example...