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    WTB Car cover
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    New Garage Build, please advise.

    If you just want a lift to store an extra car, I think this is an interesting alternative to a 4-post unit.
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    No stories FGT wanted, 1967 Mustang K-code GT fastback for sale (FGT search)

    18k miles, $235k obo from Ford dealer
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    @DBK All fixed, thank you.
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    @DBK "GTs for sale" showing. "Products for your GT" still says Private. .
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    @DBK Wow, looks very nice- thanks Dave. One possible glitch I noticed- I'm a lifetime member, but the "GT's for sale" and "Products for your GT" forums say "Private" and I can't access them. (And yes, I'm logged in.) . .
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    Happy Birthday to Me! Found an interesting Ford Product and Brought Her Home...

    Always fun being a civilian in a cop vehicle. This was a company car I drove a lot (and autocrossed) about 40 years ago.... .
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    Benadryl Anyone

    The design experts at Toyota must have been too tired to make the hood look as bad as the rest of their Bizarro-world BMW. I think adding the multiple lumps from this vintage Swedish design atrocity would be the perfect cherry on top for Toyota's overstuffed hodgepodge of styling cliches. .
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    Opinions wanted GTX-1

    I searched and couldn't find anything about roof mods other than the GTX1, except an old Kip Ewing thread where the idea was discussed. I see there's a GTX1 on ebay now with a removable full hard roof that has t-top-like...
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    Mecum auction 2006 Ford GT Red Stripe Delete

    This is probably typical verbiage .
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    Mecum auction 2006 Ford GT Red Stripe Delete

    If you do the math, the auction guys get 18.2% of the buyer's money. I've never figured out what value they add to deserve that much!
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    Mecum auction 2006 Ford GT Red Stripe Delete

    When Mecum says that 1500 mile GT "sold" for $352K, that includes the 10% buyer premium, right? So that would mean the car hammered for $320, the seller paid $352 (10% more), and the seller got $288 (10% less). Right?
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    Nice Heritage color winter jacket on ebay

    Not mine, I was looking at other Marmot jackets and noticed this one, thought maybe a Heritage owner might like to know about it. .
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    2011 Lotus Elise R for sale
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    2011 Lotus Elise R for sale

    The car will be offered on BringaTrailer auction, I'll update with a link to the auction when it is live.