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    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    New Tires, Headers, Tune, and full fluid replacement.
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    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Just got our 05 back from the GT Guy. Now off to the inspection station, then a nick long trip up the coast of CA
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    Genuine Ford GT - Chip Ganassi Fireproof Jacket

    We are in for one. Either a Racing Suit or the Jacket
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    GT at summit point raceway

    Which course did you run...
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    Oh great, another gauge failure.

    Out GT just left for Detroit to have Rich Brooks replace all the gauges with Speed Hut's. We changed out our battery, checked the ground wire and oil pressure was still a no go. Also a complete Fluid change. I'd also like to add a set of Standard Wheels. If you have them let me know.
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    WTB - Ford Mustang race car / track car

    How much extra power and torque are you looking for?
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    2005 Oil Pressure gauge stopped working

    Where is the sender located. Ours stopped working also.
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    Any Midnight Blue, QuickSilver or Black cars available?

    Our family says that the white ones are really the fastest, we just don't talk about it.
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    Good news, bad news.

    We also received bad news also, not selected.
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    Air Bag Recall - video of replacement

    What ft pounds is the tech torquing to?
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    No stories FGT wanted, 1967 Mustang K-code GT fastback for sale (FGT search)

    That is one of the problems. You want to include your Mustang in with a buy is this true?. Sell your Mustang first then bank the funds, while your looking for that special FGT in your price range.
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    New GT to non previous GT owners

    We have an 05, plus many other Ford Products from (2) F550's to 8 Work Vans (New Transits) and 5 smaller Connects, along with a few other products. Maybe if another allotment is given we can fill out an application.
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    Ford Dealer Purchased NGT Service Program JimGlow Trailer for Sale

    What is the Length ? How many inches between the wheel wells?
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    Battery for 2006 gt

    We ordered ours from the Local Ford Dealer. Now we just have to replace the gauges. Tack, Oil Pressure not working. We checked the ground as everyone says check this first.