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    The Art of Racing in the Rain

    I read this book years ago. Def a tear jerker. I have 2 pound dogs, both pit mixes. 3 weeks ago I was driving home at night with Mary after dinner. We were in my '05 FGT, two miles from home, when we came across a puppy in the roadway. It's night and there are predators out where we...
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    Monterey Car Week

    Ed, don’t hit any curbs leaving Pebble!😂
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    Monterey Car Week

    CJ Wilson's car...
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    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    My 2005 is filthy and needs a bath. I drove it to work 3 days this week. Still a joy to drive 14 years on!
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    Monterey Car Week

    You guys have fun! I was there last year with my red Heritage. The Quail is a fun day. I also hit the Mission Classic and Exotics on Cannery Row. EOCR now moved to Seaside.
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    Who is thinking about another Texas GT Roundup?

    Hillbillies and banjos....
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    Delivery after a 3 year wait - Mystichrome GT

    Nice choice on the CGT also! I have a yellow CGT. Iconic car also!
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    Source for Castrol Edge Supercar 5w-50?

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
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    Secondary market.

    I thought Waste Management was a site sponsor 😂
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    Secondary market.

    Nah, just kidding! Two red Heritages left in Tx. Me and the dealer in San Marcos. It will move along at some point, I bet.
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    Secondary market.

    I shipped my red Heritage over there for the video...but it’s now back in my garage in Texas 😂
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Secret society meeting...the Illuminati
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    Ford GT Mk. II revealed at Goodwood Festival of Speed

    Upside to buying this car is that it can't be registered...hence no sales tax which is 6.25% here in Texas.
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    What would you have done differently for your first 1000 miles?

    Good points made above. I just wish I'd driven my car more in the first 1000 miles 😂