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    Electric cars and the impact on the environment

    I just ordered a Tesla Model 3 for the wife. It's basically a fast golf cart. So far the process has been pretty Mickey-Mouse. I hope it materializes without any hassles. I also ordered a tier 1 solar system to charge it and stick it to the local power company. Should entertain me this summer.
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    Looking for Thermostat Housing

    So.....we can run beer in our GTs?
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    Picking up new DD this afternoon!

    Yeh.....found a parking lot with Vallets that could not drive a stick. Had to park myself.
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    Vintage Cross Boss intake & Autolite 875 carb for your Ford fans

    I tried one of those in 1972 but found the engine made more horsepower with a 600 CFM Holly on a traditional dual plane manifold. Held the AHRA world record for H-Top Stock 1/8 mile in 1973. 1968 Mustang Fastback. The inline looks cool and would look nice on an open street rod where you could...
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    Picking up new DD this afternoon!'s a car? I thought Double D's was something else. Was waiting for some nice T..s
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    Stillen Diffusers

    But they look really good!
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    1 of a Kind Super Snake GT 500 to be sold

    Kinda underwhelming. To run those speeds it must have a 3:00 rear end and not too sporty so it probably won't burn those skinny tires. The stock GT 500 exhaust is not real sporty either. The rear valence and deck lid are miss fit too. I'm just too picky. The stripes are yikes! too.
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    How do I find the Bumper Replacement Parts for the 2005 Ford GT?

    A little black magic marker would fix that.
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    2017/2018 Ford GT Shop Manual??

    I agree....Damn book always better than CD.
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    Cena car

    Me too and I didn't even order one!
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    Anal detailers —thoughts

    I see no point in putting a coating on film. I never detail my ass either. Ha Ha.
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    Sarasota Exotic Car Festival, 9/29/2018

    I've been approved so I guess I'll pay up. If we are parking together I'll need instructions for meeting.
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    airbag recall mishap?

    I just checked a picture of my dash with the airbag module removed and all I see in the hole is a connector plug for the airbag module. The fan module is not visible and does not look as though anything would be damaged by replacing the airbag. It seems odd that twisting the module will make...
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    A friend's Pantera in Hot Rod Mag

    I haven't seen the "Ass Monkeys"" on TV lately. Not sure I miss them.
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    Changing Fluids

    In Florida I use 25% motorcraft coolant and distilled water. We don't need the freeze protection, just the lubricant and corrosion protection. My air-evac system is powered by an air compressor and can be used to empty the system. A bit messy but just do it outside.