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    Car Cover

    I never cover my cars except the 2005 Thunderbird that I need to store with roof down. The "On/off/abrasion on dry surface/ tugging concerns me. I would never even drag a dry microfiber over the surface let alone a stretch car cover. I did ,like most , get the car covers for both the 2006 and...
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    Hagerty has jumped the shark.

    I use State Farm for all my cars, my home, umbrella etc. They have been excellent.. ....And I have had some "major" mishaps on both Ford GT'S (deer hitchhikers etc) Andy (ajb)
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    Protection for Drivers Storage Compartment

    I checked too when I took delivery. I ordered one. But It was approx. $2800. So I did not take it. Too much $$ in my opinion. Andy (ajb,)
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    Unexpected Avatar

    Chip, Now I see what you were talking about. Cool. Andy (ajb)
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    New Owner Three Rivers, MI

    Jeff , Welcome to the Forum. We try to do some events over the driving season in Michigan. You may want to join us in 2021. Andy (ajb) Bloomfield hills Michigan
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    Nylon push-in pins in front of trunk liner?

    I just checked my 2006 , 0541, midnight blue vehicle. NO PUSH PINS OR HOLES. JUST A NICE CLEAN LOOK. My recommendation would be to NOT add any holes or push pins. Just more parts to loose, rattle, dust ingress etc. Stick with the clean design on the new liner you received from Ford. Andy (ajb)
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    Autoblog NGT review

    A very entertaining review. Drove my 2006 GT yesterday. Today will be 2017 FGT day.!! I Need something to help forget for a few minutes the depressing news from America. I am Not the 'Forum mileage leader,' but by "close of business today", I plan to have 8500 miles on the ODO.! The weather...
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    Books for GT and Ford fans, including another from "Go Like Hell" (Ford vs Ferrari) author A.J. Baime

    Thanks for the heads up on the Baime ""Arsenal of Democracy" book. Just purchased it. My Dad was a B24 pilot and flew 23 'fully loaded' missions out of Italy to France, Germany and Romania in WWII. Several of his Bombers were made at Willow Run. The 'Ford made' bombers carried a large "F" on...
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    Extended Warranty

    Yes. I Entered the "scary place" a few weeks ago. 3years are over and only 7800 miles. Hopefully Milliken Ford, Brian, Kevin, Joe and Ian will be my "protectors" as I enter into the Abyss. Andy (ajb)
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    700 mile update on 0098 - AJB Liquid Blue

    Good questions and I will let some members who have done oil changes themselves comment. I am up to 7800 miles on ODO and just had Joe at Milliken Ford do an oil change last month for me. I know, 7800 miles is not much for a three year old NFGT but it spent some time in the service bay after...
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    Love it? Drive it!

    Good show Ron! Andy (ajb)
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    Love it? Drive it!

    Ron, Can't read the pic. Looks like 5500 miles but must be more. Andy (ajb)
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    Heritage side stripes?

    Who ever did the stripes did a nice job. They are even, straight and matching panel- to-panel and horizontal to the ground. Andy (ajb)
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    Extended Warranty

    Good question. Athough the 05,06 cars really don't need it. I get 3 calls per week. My 2017 FGT was 3 years old this past Saturday. Have 7500 odo miles. I asked Milliken Ford and there is no known extended warranty. So....Drive them. Watch for deer. Andy (ajb)
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    24 hours of Le mans

    Is there a race at LeMans this year? Ajb (andy)