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    Pulley question

    Hmm, I have a 3.8L Whipple with the Mafia and zero driveablity issues. This is the most spectacular car I have ever been lucky enough to own. Yes, I am a fanboy. .
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    hot button/ top seat inserts for six point harness belts

    He told me his machinist is possibly going to be able to get to these in the future. I hope it is sooner rather than later.
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    Sold my 2005 GT

    The Z06 will have a great engine but damn the C8 is a butt-ugly car. .
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    Nike Air Jordan Ford GT

    Plus, one decal on the rear backlite isn’t quite the same as full Nike regalia.
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    Nike Air Jordan Ford GT

    Exactly 😎
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    Nike Air Jordan Ford GT

    Because they are the finest Rock Musicians ever.
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    Fuel Vapor Cannister

    I don't remember.
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    Nike Air Jordan Ford GT

    Making it a tax deductible expense?
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    Fuel Vapor Cannister

    It seems the OP is chasing an emissions problem as he was looking for the Purge valve last month I guess in this scenario, you go down the line until you nail the problem. On his last thread, the first thing I thought of was his fuel fill assembly up front. I remember someone modified an F150...
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    S650 Mustang

    The great news is that it is ICE powered. Like the last 2 generations, if they make GT 350/500’s, the appearance may improve greatly.
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    S650 Mustang

    Not feeling it.
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    New garage digs for the FGT!

    Looks like wheels at the least.
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    S650 Mustang

    Streamed 2 hours ago, but the YouTube starts at 8pm pacific time it seems. 🤔 I have low expectations but high hopes. .
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    Is that a kit car?

    If I tell them I am a Lawyer, they respond, "you must be good". If I tell them I am in Healthcare, they respond "so this is what I am paying for". .