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    The Bronco Thread
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    The Bronco Thread

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    New pickup trucks
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    Steve Saleen. The unluckiest guy the automotive industry?

    As it should be. .
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    Steve Saleen. The unluckiest guy the automotive industry?
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    Wanted Gt500 CFTP

    These are growing on me but I hate ADMs. I will give it a year or two. I hope they stay in production that long.
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    New pickup trucks

    I am a huge Truck guy. My buddy and I were just having this exact same discussion about a month ago. I think that the design decision-makers believe we want trucks that look like freight train locomotives. I only buy Ford, but GMC had the best looking full-size truck for a few years running...
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    New guy in FL searching for red or silver 05/06

    ^^^ What he said. Congratulations. Car looks fantastic.
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    Bubbling paint on calipers near bleeding screws

    I redid my calipers in powdercoat. So far it's holding up well. .
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    The Bronco Thread

    Everything is overpriced. 🤔 .
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    The Bronco Thread
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    The Bronco Thread

    Nothing brings a little chuckle like witnessing a little butthurt.
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    05 Ford GT power loss

    Does that require tank removal or is it accessible from inside the cockpit?
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    Ford Bronco Debuts on July 13, 2020 - Some teasers drifting in early
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    Can’t reserve a Bronco...

    I have read some of the pictures are "computer enhanced". That makes me wonder if those wheels and tires will be the actual size and fitment. Historically Ford have never brought a truck to the showroom with fenders filled with meats like these pictures indicate, not even the Raptor, which I...