Team Shelby Bash Vegas 2020

On behalf of Ford GT owner and Ford GT Forum member Aaron Shelby, please see the special invitation below to the 2020 Team Shelby Bash.

Team Shelby and Ford Motor Company are inviting Ford GT owners to the 2020 Team Shelby Bash in celebration of an American Icon! Can you imagine the sight and sounds of a group of Ford GT’s on the track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, representing all of the generations of this world-class super car?

The annual Team Shelby Bash in Las Vegas is one of the largest events in the world celebrating high performance Ford and Shelby vehicles. The event attracts people from across the globe with open track sessions, Shelby and Ford factory thrill rides, a Ford Performance Celebration, Scavenger Hunt, Banquet, Poker Run, Car Show and Panels. The incredible venues are Shelby American and Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Exclusive Ford GT owner activities include:

  • Ford GT only track session
  • Participation in a group photo at the track
  • Ford GT “corral” at the Sunday car show
  • Priority scheduling for Ford GT thrill rides with a professional Ford driver
  • And much more!

For questions about the event,
please contact Scott Black at (214) 566–6458.

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  • February 24, 2024
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