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    I’m guessing the “interesting ownership history” is that Camilo Pardo once owned it. If I recall, it has some special parts attributable to Camilo’s ownership such as the unique gas cap. Anything else I’m missing? Agree it’s priced well and expect it to sell quickly. That history plus rare...
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    **SOLD** 2005 Black/Silver Stripe 1700mi For Sale by Original Owner

    You can start by peeling off as much as you can and use “Goo-Gone” sparingly for the remainder. That and elbow grease!
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    Advice needed: How to confirm that a GT is the right car?

    Well said @soroush! I never test drove a GT before I bought mine and no disappointment here! Another local Miami owner with lots of experience and perspective on both the 05/06 FGT and the NFGT is @maxemus. I’m sure he’d be happy to chime in. He was my first local contact when I bought my FGT...
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    GT Clothing and Other Logo Stuff

    Please add me to the list! I’d personally prefer polo’s, T-shirts and quarter zip sweatshirts size Large. Would also be interested in matching designs in kids sizes if available (y)
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    If there are forum problems...

    Yes it’s in the “subscribe” section. Three membership tiers available. Moderator just updated mine :)
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    If there are forum problems...

    Hi DBK, I am also encountering the “insufficient privileges” message in the for sale section. Also, can my status be updated to reflect lifetime membership and GT owner status? Messages sent through the “contact us” link about these two issues haven’t elicited a response yet. Thank you kindly!